Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hello. My name is Dan and I am a motorcyclist. It sounds like an introduction used in another venue, doesn't it? Truth be told, I have to admit that I AM addicted to motorcyles and riding. When circumstances dictate my being off the bike for a couple of days I use words like "withdrawal" or "I need a dose of therapy". Remember, I said "addicted" not obsessed. Yes, I live, eat, and breath bikes but I also like to think I have a balanced life otherwise.

I have been riding since the early seventies. The first part of that decade was on dirt bikes as a teenager. I got my street license in 1974 and have been on street bikes since then. I have commuted by bike continuously since 1985. For the past three years my commute has grown longer; it is now 88 miles round trip.

Blogging is new to me. Writing is not. I got the spark to write about commuting on a motorcycle through the Ride to Work organization and with a nudge from Gary, the dashing pilot of The Baron. The urge to interact with fellow riders and working folks has become strong in me. Kind of like The Force in Star Wars. So embark on this adventure we shall.

So many questions. Will I be interesting enough that folks will join me on a regular basis and share their own comments? Do I tell you all my background now, or reveal it a little at at time. I have opted for the "little at a time" approach. As it relates to the topic things will be revealed. Please feel warmly invited to join me as this adventure unfolds.



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bobskoot said...


all I can say is that you have been around before computers were invented.

My project right now is to go back to the first posts of all the blogs I follow. I have had various unlicensed bikes back in the late 50's, but my first street bike was a Yamaha 80 2-stroke purchased around 1964 or 65. I can't remember. It was around the time I had my MGB. I traded a reel to real tape recorder for it. Then for a short time Mrs Skoot has a Honda 65 SS. It was a 65cc and was a 4 speed.

one of my highlights last summer was actually meeting you in person

Wet Coast Scootin