Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update and sneak peek.

Just a quick update and something to look forward to.

I spent yesterday chasing and being chased by cops on bikes. Yes, it was all legal but quite fun. Also critical to officer survival. I have to share some of it with you, especially the demonstrations of the awesome prowess of ABS!

My post on gear was just venting but it triggered some good discussion. I'm going to do another post that will throw another log or two onto the fire. For example, you might be surprised to learn who our real enemy really is.

Katie has to go into the hospital tomorrow morning for some more diagnostic imaging. Then we have to go back in the late afternoon for yet another test. Don't know yet on a definite outcome but we'll hopefully have a better idea the first of next week. If it does turn out to be serious I may end up posting it although it has nothing to do with riding to work. It does have a lot to do with why I work in the first place!

Anyway, I'll be spending quite a bit of time in a waiting room tomorrow. The hospital has wireless internet available so I'll take the laptop and work on a blog post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Miles and smiles,



Tinker said...

When I was seeing MANY doctors a few years ago, it was quite stressful to all concerned. Good luck and good thoughts to everyone.

I bought a portable DVD player to take my mind off of things while waiting around for MRI results and all that rot. Kept me calm, if nothing else.

Bryce Lee said...

Hurry up and wait seems to be the name of the game.
Health care in any location is the same.
Wait, and then wait some more.
Triage is common, worst hurt, served first.
As a cancer patient,June 6 was my weekly conference, timed for 11:30 am.
First there was lab work, 55 minute wait, then my conference which was another 85 minutes late. End result was five hours of the day, gone. I took my laptop. Free wireless internet is not available nor are
mobile/cell phones allowed in any medical facility including most physician's offices.
And I then had to wait for a chest X-ray. Have a CAT scan scheduled for July 5, in between two major chemotherapy sessions, both 8 hours in length. Now you know why i am not riding.
The side effects are horrible. And the extra daily intake of drugs, 17
every morning for six days after each liquid chemo injection.

Thought of using a portable CD player however 95 percent of my recorded music is on vinyl or on cassette. Guess I am old fashioned.

As to your situation Dan, my best wishes, obtain a second opinion if you wish. Stateside your private health insurance pays the bills; here it is government operated so second opinions are sometimes difficult to obtain.

Keep us all posted; we're all at an age when the infirmities of advancing age and other influences can make life all too interesting.

Hold her close, be there when she wants you, be a sounding board and
keep in mind there is always your friends on this board if feedback is required.

American Scooterist Blog said...

I know about that stuff. Intimately. Your wife can get through it if she has to. You will too.