Monday, June 16, 2008


Yes, I know this is a picture of a jelly roll, not a blogroll. It's been a long ride. I'm sitting in a hotel room near Seattle. Thinking of supper. All I've eaten today were an energy bar and two pieces of jerky. My belly thinks my throat's been cut!

My plan is to go back and fill in more details later. This is just a quick update and note.

Friday saw me headed South to Medford. Four of us travelled down to teach an Advanced Rider Training course on a local track there. Medford is around 225 miles as the Honda flies. Classroom was done at a Harley dealership. Twelve of the seventeen students were Harley mounted. I went early to scope out the locations. You can imagine the feeling being on a Honda and pulling into the Harley dealership. Not that I would ever be intimidated, mind you. A couple of guys tried and failed. More on that later.

After a long day at the track, three of us rode the long way home. Sunday was a kickback day, being Father's Day. Had to be home for that.

Today finds me a few hundred miles in the opposite direction. There's a corporate meeting tomorrow I need to attend. Sometime just before bedtime I'll roll into the homestead once more. Wednesday will be spent working from the home office. Thursday Katie and I are headed out. There's the wedding in Richland, Washington on Saturday. I'm combining the weekend with a business trip on both sides. We're driving, of course. Something about Katie and arriving at the church in her fancy dress for the wedding on the bike. I say change at the church. She says helmet hair doesn't go with the dress and shoes. Oh, well!

Posts will be a little spotty this week but next week will make up for it. I will get the Sharin' the Road post up for Thursday, however. Laptops and wireless internet can be a blessing!

It's sort of filtered into my consciousness that I really haven't done much with adding anyone to my blogroll. It's not intentional, I just seldom think of it. I still have Gary and Steve there for old time's sake as we were sort of the original Ride to Work blogs. I read many fine blogs on a fairly regular basis. I've noticed several have links to my site. I have to admit to being sort of remiss about returning the favor. So sorry.

My blog was started on the premise of riding to work. So, if you ride to work (even if it's on a spotty basis ) and feel you'd like to be linked on this blog, please let me know. I'd be quite pleased and honored to add you to the blogroll. Let me know in the comment section or post me a line at Please be sure to include the url just in case I don't already have it bookmarked.

And, if you just happen to have an extra jelly roll hanging around, send it along!

Miles and smiles,



R.G. said...

I read your blog on a regular basis and it seems like you are always headed from one end of the compass to the other. I would be curious to know how many miles poor Sophie has on her.

Bryce said...

Enjoy the wedding weekend.
You're doing just fine on the blog.
Work and other activities interfere with fun as is so often the case. Not to worry. Take the D40 and do some photography. Obtain photos of Katie all dressed up and then she may return the favour. And remember the
ride is as important as the destination. As to the Harley dealership, just remember their machines are mostly composed of foreign parts as well, just assembled in a different configuration.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I like visiting your blog on a regular basis also. You have very interesting content. Entertaining as well as informative. You can link to my blog if you want. Have a nice day.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

hi there - have been reading you for a long time...i discovered you through the now defunct scooter in the sticks...

by the way, I am one of those crazy guys going to work every day with my bike...a brand new Aprilia Mana, in brussels.

I have two blogs: one in English fully dedicated to motorycling ( and the other one, in Italian, half dedicated to motorcycling, half to a lot of other stuff...

Would be glad if you could add the English one!!!


irondad said...

The valve adjustment interval is 16,000 miles. She just went in for her 10th session, a thousand miles late. As much as I love her, it's time for her to go to a less demanding lifestyle. Don't even ask how many tires because it would make me have nightmares of rubber dollars flying around!

I have the D40 with me. I'll be looking for photo opportunities, trust me!

Lady R,
I'm pleased to add you. Look for it to happen next week sometime.

Thanks for introducing yourself. When I get home I intend to go look at your blog. Be happy to add you to the list. Look for it sometime next week when I get back home. Brand new Aprilia, huh? Oh well, jealousy won't keep me from putting you on the blogroll!

Take care,


Steve Williams said...

160000 miles on Sophie! Holy Honda Batman.

Dan, you're blog is fine. Great actually. I know how hard it is to keep up with things especially blog rolls. But it's really the content that's most important.

To offer an example of how powerful your writing has been for me I find myself riding through curves, eyes out ahead to the exit point, head TURNED, and thinking "If Dan was watching me what would he think?".

As far as Scooter in the Sticks being defunct, terminated, dead, finished.... that's just not the case. It's been on vacation, hibernating, playing, looking at options, and generally taking a rest. Wait, that's me. But I suspect I will post again soon. How much and how often? Can't even predict.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
Theoretical Agriculture

Heinz & Frenchie said...

I bet that was fun, riding up to that Harley dealer and teaching those guys a thing or two. We love to ride along side of them, Harley Weekend Warriors", at a stop and say "Wanna Trade?". It usually gets a friendly laugh out of them. One guy even said his wife has a Vespa and he enjoys riding it too.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

Steve, happy to hear that scooter in the sticks is not are still in my blogroll and I did not have the intention to take you out. Especially now then

-Tim, the other lindy chef said...

I love your blog. Just found it through a friend of mine. I wish I had the ability to update mine as often, It sees I tend to forget it exists sometimes. Feel free to link to it if you would like.
Fellow rider/commuter (even if it is only two miles).