Thursday, September 04, 2008

Unexpected hazards.

Having a new bike, like a new lover, can bring excitement in ways you would never have imagined. Each new day with Elvira also brings a new adventure. Some of which I could live without, I might add. A lot of riding has to do with avoiding hazards. Life with Elvira's brought hazards I never expected.

Take today. I went into a sporting goods store looking for a cargo net. I'm going to have to haul a sleeping bag to the sales meeting in Idaho next week. I left Elvira in an open area of the parking lot. All by herself and out of harm's way. So I thought. She's proven to be a little sassy. Elvira's good looking, sexy, and uninhibited. Problem is, she knows she's hot and can't keep out of trouble. Or maybe trouble simply finds her. Either way, the result is the same.

Imagine my surprise when I came out of the store and didn't see her where I'd left her. Hearing a commotion, I looked to my right. Elvira had found trouble once again. Luckily, I figured out what was going on soon enough to insert myself into the situation. Disaster was barely averted.

Elvira had spotted the big, good looking truck and gone to flirt and tease. I guess everything was fine until he started getting serious and she shut him down. Big Boy was just about to show the little tease how things were done in the country. Thankfully I was able to distract his attention towards a pretty little blue KLR that looked more his type. That was close!

I hustled Elvira on out of there. We were headed to Stayton which is about twelve miles down the highway. I used the time to remind Elvira of the rules of conduct she's expected to obey. I don't have a problem with her looking for trouble. She's just supposed to wait for me!

Miles and smiles,



Earl Thomas said...

Perhaps that explains the behavior of the F-250 breathing down my neck during this mornings commute. He wasn't tailgating me, he was just courting my KLR.


Kano said...

I can just imagine the horror on your face if Elvira brought something like that home!

Bryce said...

Hmm you can dress her up but you can't leave her out (there).

Conchscooter said...

You'd have to work a lot harder to keep me off that little black hussy; just saying no wouldn't do it.
PS what the hell kind of "sales" meeting needs a sleeping bag? You are a man of many parts, 007.

Krysta in Milwaukee said...

You know, Dan, if anyone from work ever reads your blog, they're gonna refer you to the employee assistance program, thinking you've either gone off your rocker or found some interesting plant to ingest / inhale.

-Tim said...

that was a great read after a very long Friday...thanks for the laughs

irondad said...

I think it's that naked rear tire hanging out there!

Heaven forbid! How could I afford to feed it?

You're right. Can't turn my back on her for a minute.

My mother warned me about guys like you. The sleeping bag will remain a mystery for a while!

What are you trying to say? Katie says life with me is never boring. Guess you know why now.

Thanks. It was fun writing it as well. I saw the truck and my vivid imagination took it from there. Of course, if you read Krysta's comment, maybe my mind had some help!

Bryce said...

Just realized something.
Oh bespectacled IronDad,
who did you coerce into holding the camera so the photograph could be taken,
with you as the holder back of the monster vehicle?

Allen Madding said...

When you start netting a sleeping back on the back seat, you are doing my kind of riding! Enjoy your trip. I'm about fed up with all of these airplane flights. I need some quiet time with Rosie.

And as a side note, that truck makes your butt look smaller.


Sojourner rides said...

Well, this is to be expected when your gal-pal is a pretty little thing...Elvira does look the type that will shake her tail feather often...beautiful bike.

Bryce said...

Today September niner is Dan J's anniversary
A year older chronologically however
much wiser than his years.

Have a happy Dan!