Friday, October 23, 2009

What happened here?

I was strolling along the beach and came across these glasses and two socks in the surf. The second sock was far enough away that it isn't in the photo.

A question popped into my head. What happened here? I hope nobody had drowned. Glasses and socks seem strange as the only things left behind.

It also crossed my mind that sometimes we end up asking ourselves that same question. Despite our best intentions and efforts, things happen. A bike on its side. Sometimes worse. Then the questions.

What happened here?

If we're lucky we're able to answer the question, continue to ride, and end up a little wiser.

Miles and smiles,



bobskoot said...

Mr Irondad:

from a photography standpoint, if the other sock was too far away could you have selected a WIDEr Angle lens to capture it in the photo ?

We know it wasn't a photographer for I know if I don't put my glasses on it is much harder to focus. And if I took off my shoes and socks off to take a stroll in the water I would think I would have noticed them missing when it came time to leave.

was the other sock also white ? 'cause if it wasn't then we would be looking for two bodies

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Young Dai said...

Of course perhaps 'someone' was supposed to find it, just as you did.

Perhaps their owner did a 'Reggie Perrin'. to fake the long,lonely walk into the sea, just to be start a new life, under a new name, with a clean(ish) slate, and perhaps a new love interest as well.

Mike Simmons said...

Interesting photo and question. It conjures up all sorts of possibilities. Hope you have the answer for a later post. It's kind of bizarre.

Anonymous said...

You trying to make a spectacle of socking away an image for us to consider?

And since when have you been near
(salt) water?

Had some friends here the other weekend and they looked out on Lake Ontario and asked what the time the tide turned.
They are residents near an ocean and had never before been on the Great Lakes, had to explain it to them, even though they had just seen a large ocean-going vessel using the Burlington Ship Canal a few minutes prior.

David said...

It's pretty obvious what happened. Clark Kent did his quick change routine and dropped the glasses and forgot the socks. I mean, who wants to put wet socks into their cape pocket?

Speaking of which, isn't it funny we never see Irondad and Superman together? Not trying to start something, just sayin'. ;)

This message brought to you by a short nap and too many hours to think.

Dave T.

Road Captain said...

Definitely shark attack.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad (Dan):

Judging from the color of the socksand the stylish look of the eyeglass frames (not), it's obvious to me that an engineer thought he was going to get laid on the beach. But he became disoriented after removing his glasses and wandered anlong the strandyelling, "Where are you?"

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Krysta in MKE said...
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Heinz N Frenchie said...

Thought provoking to say the least. Amazing what we find on the beaches in South Florida. Someone's set of false teeth for example. Enjoyed reading all the funny comments. Bet they could have a hay day with false teeth. Maybe the sharks did not need an extra pair....(:

Krysta in MKE said...

I don't understand someone losing glasses. I wore them for a long time, and needed them to see much past the end of my arm.

Sojourner rides said...

Love the photo! I would also have taken one from the level of the glasses, put those glasses in sharp focus and with a shallow depth of field show the sock or socks (if possible) also the water. I love the mystery!

irondad said...

The other sock was so far away that it would have ruined the composition. I should have retrieved it and brought it closer. Yes, it matched the first one.

Young Dai,
If it was staged, I appreciate it. This has been kind of fun.

There is no answer coming up. That's what makes it so cool. It can be whatever we want and the image won't be crushed by reality.

Take care,


irondad said...

I was actually on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It's a little over an hour away from us. Not bad, eh? We have an ocean on side and the Cascade Mountains on the other.

And because cell phones are taking over the world, the phone company took away the phone booth due to lack of usage!

There's a reason why you never see Irondad and Superman together, for sure!

Road Captain,
A shark, huh? The swimming or walking kind?

Take care,


irondad said...

Yes, that would explain the guy I'd seen farther down the beach. He still had his pocket protector and slide rule, though.

Heinz & Frenchie,
Thanks a lot. Now I'm doomed to wander beaches looking for washed up false teeth. Oh well, could be worse, but I'm not sure how!

That's the part that threw me, too. If they'd been tinted I would have thought somebody just lost sunglasses. I've actually watched the news but haven't heard of anyone disappearing. Thank goodness!

Take care,


irondad said...

You know, I thought of that. I've been playing with shallow depth of field photos. The sad truth is that Irondad/Superman didn't want to get down on his belly in the sand. Sad, isn't it?

Take care,