Monday, November 30, 2009

For Dom!

Just pulled the latest issue of Cycle World Magazine out of the maibox. First I was drawn to the short article about the new 1200cc Honda VFR. Then I looked at the last page. You can guess whom I thought of right off the bat!

Sometimes you wonder what's buzzing around in somebody's head, don't you? Not that he would do this kind of thing, of course. Still, none of us in this blogosphere are totally sane. Just sayin'!

Miles and smiles,



Charlie6 said...

So am I the only sidecarist you know?

Anonymous said...

Me too, imported Unit Leading Link forks into Canada for ten years, had my own UNit sidecar for eight years on the formerly owned Goldwing.

Them were the days, and before the Goldwing and the chair had an early BMW with a Steib chair...

And Ironman, you're having bad thoughts, too much turkey on the weakend?

irondad said...


Actually, no. There is one other. She's a widow. She was showing off her hack at a small, local, motorcycle show. I mentioned "flying the car". She got this haughty look on her face and asked me if I knew which direction that happened in. When I correctly answered "to the right" she was quite impressed.

The post was only a gentle jab. If I didn't respect you there wouldn't have been any questions about it!


You sound like you have a lot of different experiences.

Don't you know? Turkey makes you sleepy. I ate razor blades!

Take care,


bobskoot said...


Whenever I see a Hack, I think Dom. It's word association. I know NO one else with a hack.

All Dom needs now is a costume from that period.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Simple Sagacity said...
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Allen Madding said...

don't forget two other sidehack-ers

KTDid and BeemerChef Ara


Charlie6 said...

it's all good, Dan!

what kind of rig did that lady have?

Arizona Harley Dude said...

I'm thinking about putting my hack back on during Christmas break. Funny thing is reading Charlie6's posts gives me the idea to align Petunia's rear wheel and the hack's wheel. It will still only be 1 wheel drive, but I'm not as inclined as Charlie6 to take dirt roads.

Charlie6 said...

AZ Dude...the dirt roads are where the fun starts around here! : )

Actually, snow roads are best, just to see the looks on peoples faces as you ride by....quite amusing.

re aligning your sidecar wheel to your pusher wheel, the sidecar wheel must lead the pusher a bit....

one of the reasons I got a ural is that they come with a sidecar from the factory....however, there is some info here on calculating your best "wheel lead":

Have you also checked out's pdf files from Ken Hall re Sidecar Operator's Manual?

Krysta in MKE said...

Well, you know me via electrons.
I'm not a FT hacker, but over the winter that's all of our stable that goes out. Harder to tip over in the snow that way.

irondad said...


As long as the costume includes pink crocs!


Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to get to know them better.


It's been a while and I don't know a lot about hacks. So I really can't tell you what kind it was. Short of a smartass comment, that is.

Arizona Harley Dude,

I'm leaving you in the good hands of Charlie6 for the reply.

Take care,


irondad said...


I was actually going to mention you but you beat me to it. I was also planning on spelling Milwaukee correctly!

Take care,


Young Dai said...

If only jack R had seen that photo about the time he discovers tits. Then he could be driving round in a new Chevy Suburban rather than a car rejected by the Pool boy of his ex-wife's Attorney ! :)