Sunday, April 04, 2010

Couldn't resist!

10 weeks old, now.

We bought an umbrella stroller. Took him with us to get a sandwich at the mall. This is his first outing with us. My daughter says he looks just like his Daddy at the mall. "Are we done, yet?"

Miles and smiles,



Mike said...

Wow, Dan - great shots of Ryan! I really like the second one. He's a handsome boy!

Dave said...

In the last shot he is looks like he is not to happy being on four wheels.

Wonder were he got that from? : )

Dave aka oldf

irondad said...


Thanks. The light and setting was just right.


I have absolutely no idea where he got that. What are you trying to say? :)

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Dan you've fathered how many children?
And in that time how many diapers changed?

Precisely...too many to count. That criteria alone makes you the IronDad of the blog.
The content of diapers can be at best raunch. Mind when you and I appeared cloth diapers were the only diapers available; maybe it's time to thank our Mums' and Dads if we can for their indulgence.

So why the comments? The child looks with his big blue eyes like he has just done a dump, that wide eyed look of amazement.

Young blue eyes, life is amazing, especially when it is your first grandchild. Enjoy.

Now you have another distraction in your busy life.

bluekat said...

Cute!! He's looking older...dang they do that so fast!

irondad said...


You may have just inspired a new post photo!


We were just talking about that yesterday. Hard to believe our youngest son just turned 22. Like you say, it seems to go by so fast.

It will be fun to document in photos, though.

Take care,


Sojourner rides said...

Dan, beautiful baby. You can't possibly produce a bad picture of this little model! Impossible.

Now the true test of your obviously expanding skills is to take a beautiful picture of a croc or alligator!

This pretty baby will always make your pictures winners!