Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Curves, but no road.

I recently came across something I thought I would share with those who might have an interest. It's about how to add a curves adjustment to Photoshop Elements.

The full versions of Photoshop ( CS 4, 5, etc ) have curves adjustments. While nowhere near an expert myself, being able to do this kind of adjustment in a photo is a powerful tool. However, the more affordable versions like Elements 7 & 8 don't have this capability. Here is how to add it for free. By the way, this works with several other photo processing programs, as well. See the webpage for details.

Go to this website: http://www.free.pages.at/easyfilter/curves.html

Toward the bottom of the page is the download link. Download the "smartcurves zip file" to your desktop. I believe there is also a version for Mac, but I didn't check that out as I use Windows.

Open the zip file. There should be a "readme" file and three executable files. Using Windows Explorer, open the C drive program files. Then find Adobe. Open Adobe and find the "filters" file. Open the filters file. Then drag the three executable files from the opened zip fole into the "filters" file.

This is how I did it. There are obviously other ways to make this happen.

When you use the full edit feature of Elements and click on "filters" this new one should appear at the bottom as "easy.filter".

For what it's worth!

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bluekat said...

Who'd a thunk it...curves that even I can do! Dare say I'm actually proficient at those curves. (Would that certain other curves could be so easily mastered.)

Nice find. I thought curves was a standard tool for photography. I just assumed it was included in Elements. Thanks for the link. I know a couple of folks who use elements and may be interested in adding it to their program.

bobskoot said...


I know nothing about curves but I downloaded it anyway and I use PREL7. I don't even use PS. All of my photos are untouched right out of the camera.

If I ever need any curves done, I will just send them to you for processing. You can do them between rides and work

Wet Coast Scootin

Anonymous said...

As I have been using CS4 for the Mac, had a look at the program under Parallels. Most interesting.

However not for me, as now there's CS5 to review..

And I treated myself since moorcycling is not in vigue for me: A new 27 inch iMac with 8 gigs of RAM and a much larger higher speed pair of hard drives.

Not as much fun as riding a motorcycle however it shall have to serve as a substitue, for now.