Saturday, October 02, 2010

Clean air rule?

Snapped this photo at a weigh station just south of Fort Lewis in Washington State on Wednesday. Must be a single purpose portable toilet. Probably smells better, too, though I didn't check it out. I fear the regulations regarding greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, ozone layer, and so on have gone just a bit too far.

Miles and smiles,



Mike said...

Funny shot! You should send this to one of those "unusual photos" gathering groups.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Maybe you should send it to Jay Leno. Missed your commentary of late...

bluekat said...

Ya know...I'm just gonna leave this one alone. :)

Good to hear from you again...well, um, I think. Been a little worried about you and hoped everything was okay.

david said...

Emissions ... *chuckle*

Steve Williams said...

I always thought of you as the rider with a green philosophical foundation. This picture just supports that notion.

By the way, where have you been? Your posting has diminished and I thought maybe you were traveling with Greenpeace or something more socially aware than blogging...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

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