Thursday, January 20, 2011

Put a leash on it!

I came across something that may be of interest to those of us who ride and take photos. This might even make it possible to do both at the same time!

You may remember that one of our own who lives north of the Canadian border dropped his camera. Admittedly, this device may not have prevented that particular accident. For those who carry a point and shoot in their pocket ( which probably means no long lenses ) this contraption looks like it would provide some fall protection.

This photo is from the manufacturer's website. Not the best graphical presentation I've seen, but it gives you the idea.

The Gear Keeper Camera Retractor is a tether that's available with either a touch-fastener strap mount or a snap clip mount to attach to any loop or strap.

According to John Salentine, co-founder of Hammerhead Industries which manufactures Gear Keeper, "Gear Keeper systems were originally engineered for scuba diving so they were literally born out of a need to secure items in situations where you hands are otherwise occupied."

The Camera Retractor is built to hold up to 9 oz, enough for most small digital cameras, and can extend up to 25" so you don't have to unhook it to snap a photo.

There are other tethering systems on their website for various outdoor activities besides motorcycling. Which I didn't actually know existed. Activities other than motorcycling, I mean.

List price is somewhere around twenty bucks. ( U.S. )

Be aware that I have not personally tried this device. I am only passing along the information I have received. I also do not get any sort of compensation. They don't even know I exist, I'm sure. I simply figured this would be useful to those of us who like to take photos.

If you care to check it out, the website is

This will take you directly to the Camera Retractor page. If you want to check out other items you can navigate from there.

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bobskoot said...


OUCH ! I cringe everytime I think about it and notice my bent filter ring and Frankenstein glued lens hood.

and other than motorcycling and taking photos I never knew there were other activities either

Wet Coast Scootin

Stacy said...

Intriguing product, and seems to be well-executed (quick disconnect from tether to camera, two attachment options, etc).

Too bad they make it so damn difficult to order one.

If anyone figures out how to buy one, let me know!

irondad said...


It looks like they won't let you order online. You can, however, call them to order that way. There's a blurb about protecting their dealers.

Not sure how being able to order directly via phone but not online actually helps the dealers, though!

Take care,


bluekat said...

I still keep mine on a lanyard around my neck. It's the right length to let the camera ride in a little dip in my tank bag. Quick and easy to grab or drop as needed. I have a lot of blurry pics of my tank bag though.

The retractor looks intriguing. I like the idea of ditching the lanyard for something like this.

the rider said...

Actually I quite like Bluekat's idea of the lanyard, I loop the camera strap around my right wrist and drop the camera inside my jacket sleeve, then when I want to take a photo I engage the cruise control, drop the camera out of my's not ideal! I've been thinking of buying a camera that comes with various mounts for helmet, handlebars etc. Janet complains when I ask her to take photos all the time!

BeemerGirl said...

Thanks for the post! I keep a little camera in the tank bag, but refuse to pull it out while moving. This might help. :)


SheRidesABeemer said...

I agree, the retractor looks intriguing. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!