Monday, July 18, 2011

Yamaha FJR recall notice.

I just received another recall notice for Elvira. The earlier one was for the actual ignition switch. This one is for the ground joint connector on the wire harness.

Affected years and models are 2006-2009 FJR1300A/AC/AE/AEC model motorcycles. According to Yamaha not every bike is affected. I am one of the lucky owners.

Here's the statement from Yamaha:

The reason for this recall: On affected motorcycles, the ground joint connector of the wire harness could overheat and become deformed, possibly causing an intermittent ground wire connection. If the electrical system is not properly grounded, the ignition system and / or other electrical components could malfunction, which could cause the engine to stall. If this happens while the motorcycle is being ridden, there could be a crash resulting in injury or death.

What Yamaha and your dealer will do: To correct this defect, your authorized Yamaha dealer will install an additional wire sub-lead, or, if the ground joint connector has already been damaged from overheating, will install a new main wire harness. There will be no charge to you for this procedure. Installing the addtional wire sub-lead takes about 1 hour and the wire harness, should it be necessary instead, takes about 3 hours to install. Your dealer may need to keep your motorcycle longer depending on their schedule.

If you own an FJR of the listed years and models and are not the original owner you can call Yamaha customer service at 1-800-962-7926 with your bike's serial number so they can see if your bike is affected.

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Scott said...

In Cycleworld every month, they list recalls for defective items. It's a surprise how many recalls there are for bikes versus recalls for cars,

Anonymous said...

Notice? The recall is smack dab in the middle of riding season!

Suspect you have your machine is for regular services, so maybe the recall will be done if andwhen.

Ghastly hot here, 32 Celsius, Humidity is way up towards 78 percent. Not a time to ride or reide in full leather. Oh and no rain now for three weeks. Not good for farmers and cash crops.