Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glad it didn't turn out THIS way!

Recently Beemergirl found herself in a sticky situation.  Fortunately, all turned out well in the end.  

This reminded me of something I ran across recently which shows things could have turned out much, much, worse.  

Apparently this person was waiting in the drive-through at a local drive-in.  They seem to have gotten their toes stuck in the glove box and could not get loose.  Nobody responded to this poor person's cries for help.  You know how badly garbled things sound through those speakers at the ordering board.

Not only do you get a great deal on the car but it also includes the original owner!

As an added bonus you also get the friends in the rumble seat.  For some reason they must have thought the order was just taking an extra long time to be cooked.  Being so occupied with texting they never noticed what was REALLY happening until much too late.

Let's just all be glad that Oilburner came to rescue ( under duress or not ) and this did not happen to our dear fellow blogger!

Miles and smiles,



Dean W said...

A cryptic comment (for now) related to absolutely nothing except a cryptic comment a while ago...

Congratulations, Dan. You are clearly the best choice.

Hope you have time to keep a blog going. Bwa-ahahaha. ;-)

bobskoot said...


Oh Oh, I think this means trouble, lack of future personal time, lack of free weekends, Just when you are re-evaluating continuing, they made you the CEO

Riding the Wet Coast

bluekat said...

Is that first one pregnant with a little skull baby?
Seriously, they just whanna feel the wind in their ribs...

Actually I'm more interested in the cryptic comments!

irondad said...


Thank you. Not sure about that evil laugh, though!

Take care,


irondad said...


Not CEO. In the ballpark, though. Check the new post.

Take care,


irondad said...


Wind in your ribs, eh? That would explain the lack of gear.

Ok, I spilled the beans, finally.

Take care,


BeemerGirl said...

OMG!! I am so behind in my blog reading and I am just now seeing this!! LMAO!! I wish I had seen this earlier. Absolutely perfect. I think I know my Halloween buddies this year. :)