Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Canning the Spam

I have resisted for as long as I can stand it.  I've always tried to keep the blog comments as open and easy to post as possible.  For the past few months, though, the spammers and their 'bots have been working overtime.  Most of the spam comments have been caught by Blogger.  They do a pretty good job.  About a third of the comments get through and I have to go clean them out.
Last week the number of comments I've been cleaning out have broken the hundred a day mark.  I no longer wish to deal with the anger I feel from seeing them show up. 
Thus it is with reluctance that I am activating word verification.  Those without a Google account can still post a comment. 
Please accept my apologies but I have been forced into it by evil forces beyond my control.  I wanted to offer an explanation since it will be something I've never done before.
Miles and Smiles,


Dar said...

I had to do the same thing. I couldn't stand it anymore. I BBQ'd the bots & put the word verification back on. Arrrgh it makes me snarky that I have had to do this.

Andrew Thomson said...

This is not spam and I don't want to sell you any magic performance enhancing pills.

Keep up the good work!

Charlie6 said...

It's the right move Dan

Trobairitz said...

I don't like Spam.......

Luckily maybe only 1 a week gets by Blogger for me so it hasn't been an issue and Blogger catches maybe a dozen a week.

I just think you are so popular they all want to spam you.

Spam, spam spam spam.

Anonymous said...

In the last week or so spam bots have been out in force. On a lot of forum

Glad to see your back.

aka Old F

RichardM said...

So far, I also haven't had much issues with spam but the number of hits on my blog is pretty modest.

Spam still seems to be a popular item here in Hawaii. Spam musubi, yummm!

Dean W said...

Testing, Testing...

(Nothing to say, just want to know if he's heard enough from me lately...)

david said...

I came to the same conclusion with my own blog. Awesome to see more of you!!
peace and love irondad

word veri: 2101 msndive

Bryce Lee said...

souMorThe miscreants of the world have discovered a new method of annoying the others: spam, and also whatever else.
Have cancelled all of my Google accounts, they were hacked just before Christmas, And I do not blogs. Many people out there in internet land are quite annoyed by my name and e-mail address. And then my own primary provider took it upon themselves to cancel my own main accounts aas they decided talking about the GLBT community of which I am a part of was considered by them as perhaps pornographic. A lawyer's letter and a visit by the local constablulary to me did not convince hem or any other internet service provider I was not what was proported to be.

Bottom line cancelled all my internet service and returned to what is commonly referred to dial-up.

Prejudging others seems to be the common thread these days and the determining laws often have no clout.

In the interim using a variety of ISP servers in various "free" locations...

Motorcycling s no longer my fun but then not is anything else.