Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A certain road....

There's a certain well known, but mostly undesirable, road that is said to be paved with good intentions.  I may have been down that road.

Back in September I was bursting with enthusiasm to share so many things I've picked up over the past few years.  Little did I anticipate the ride I was about to experience.

This isn't meant as an excuse (though I'm not above trying to use it as such) but I had just assumed supervision of two additional departments within our training organization when I wrote that September post.

Picture jumping onto a Hyabusa (that's a really fast Suzuki, by the way) with the throttle pinned. It's a case of ride or fall off.  If you fall off, it's not just you that suffers.  The whole organization is going to suffer along with you.  It makes for a pressure-packed ride, let me tell you.

The good news is that nobody fell off or got hurt...much.  Nerve endings were certainly sparking.  It got to the point that I didn't need a flashlight at night, anymore.  Eventually the passenger hanging on for dear life got the bike under control and could actually be said to be riding.  Possibly even having a bit of attention for other things.  Maybe even blogging.

More about all this later.  Mostly, this is simply an elaborate build-up in order to be able to share these photos.  You might say that the past few months have been a real trip.  (I know, groan away, but it's still my blog last time I looked).

Miles and smiles,



Charlie6 said...

Not a bad analogy, your not-an-excuse rationale. :)

But while you were fighting to bring that runaway Hayabusa under control...was it doing a wheelie as well? :)

Trobairitz said...

Great pictures Dan. I am enjoying your photographs

I am glad things have slowed down a bit for you at work...... as you gear up for the busy season.

RichardM said...

Cool analogy that is probably lost on someone like me that can barely pronounce Hya... let alone spell it. Beautiful photos, btw!

Troubadour said...

Throttle pinned, yet there's 5 more gears to shift up through, hold on!

Dar said...

Nice fungus amongus pics! Glad things are under control and you are screaming down the road anymore on the hyabusa.

Doug C said...

It seems like you and I have traveled similar paths. Someone once said that life is what happens to you while you are making other plans. The twists and turns on that road make the routes I've ridden seem like an interstate. Best to you!

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