Monday, December 03, 2007

An advantage to no gear?

There may finally be an advantage to not wearing
motorcycle gear.

This is from the November / December issue of
American Cop Magazine.

"They Do Things A Little Differently There"

In Bath, England, a guy whose motorbike was stolen, had insult added to the injury when he kept seeing the thief riding his scooter around the area. This happened several times, and each time, he reported it to the local police.

Then one day he spotted the thief riding his scooter again, and this time, there were officers present! He gleefully pointed out the suspect, quickly explained that it was a stolen motorbike, and waited for them to take off in hot pursuit. Instead, they watched the scofflaw tootle away.

Officers explained they could not pursue the suspect as long as he was riding the scooter because he wasn't wearing a helmet. If officers gave chase, they explained, this could upset the rider and he might crash and be injured, perhaps even severely. Then they'd be liable for his injuries, because they'd knowingly precipitated a dangerous situation. They promised to regain possession of the scooter - if they could find it sitting stationary - and even chat with the miscreant - if he made himself similarly available. Now, if only he were wearing a helmet and appropriate protective gear. Well, then, by Jove, they'd give him "the what-for", wouldn't they?

That humming sound: it's Winston Churchill turning over in his grave - like a dynamo.

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Conchscooter said...

Crazy enough to sound like an urban legend. There again if you beat up a burglar you catch in your own home in England you- not the burglar- get charged. I find that bizarre and I'm a fourth amendment fanatic not a second amendment groupie.

David said...

This doesn't surprise me a bit. Spokane County, Washington, has a no high speed pursuit policy for motorcycles. Gear or no gear. The idea being that a high speed pursuit will usually end in a crash with the rider getting hurt. So if you rabbit, they let you go. It's a long way from the old days of, "Stop or I'll shoot!"

Dave T.

Rick said...

What has become of our world?

Steve Williams said...

I think I will continue to go with ATGATT. I think I got that right.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Krysta in Milwaukee said...

Absolutely nuts!
Do they only chase car thieves if they're wearing their seatbelts?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Yes, we do things a bit differently over here, our police are armed with sticks .
I think the clip also shows that sturdy panniers could save a rider's life!

Anonymous said...

If you view the clip ( I recommend turning the sound off.

irondad said...

Unreasonable search and seizure. I'm all for that. It seemed reasonable to "seize" a stolen bike, though.

There's some sense in that. I have been guilty of the "let's teach people they can't mess with us!" thing. Maiming or killing a person or bystanders over a property crime does seem a waste. Pursuing a person who's a known risk is another thing.

I've asked the same question a lot. Civilization is going to "PC" itself into total ineffectiveness.

Exactly. Even if it means you get chased by Johnny Law!

That had to be frustrating for the cops. Where was the police car BEFORE the car smashed the ST1300 police bike? Ouch!!