Thursday, December 20, 2007

There are no words for this!

I kinda hate to share this with you all. It's not politically correct. Some might even say it's in poor taste. Yet I find myself inexorably drawn towards this fate. It is your destiny, Luke! Just make sure you haven't eaten yet. Don't worry, it's not about blood and guts. No, it's far worse! Read on if you have the fortitude.

You encounter all kinds of things on the freeways. Recently I saw a railroad boxcar being transported on its side on a flatbed truck. Was that you Dave T? Then there are sights you just can't describe.

There I was, doing 65 mph ( the legal speed limit ), when there suddenly appeared a huge crack in my windshield. I swerved left, then right, but the crack remained. Have a look for yourself.

Like I said, sometimes words just can't be found. I pretty certain, however, this can't be too safe. Both for the passenger or other drivers!

Miles and smiles,


P.S. This was actually passed along to me by a fellow instructor. He's as warped as I am!


Rick said...

I have this photo, and found it totally unbelievable. What in the heck was she thinking?

Steve Williams said...

Well, at least it's aerodynamic.

David said...

T'wern't me, I was in Texas. :) Besides, I'm to lazy to drive a flatbed. All those straps, chains, tarps, etc. Too much work! I drive a nice clean dry van. Open the doors, back up to the dock, and the rest is the shipper's problem.

I've seen a lot of crazy cargo, but a train car is a new one on me. That crack in the windshield could be very dangerous too. Things like that can haunt you for ages. ;)

Dave T.

The Snark said...

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. You know where to find me if you want some nice, hot, sunny riding weather.

Krysta in Milwaukee said...


What an idiot.

Bill Sommers said...

I thought that they were just leather saddle bags until further inspection. Then I didn't feel good...

Have fun,

Balisada said...

Well, now that I know what a crotch rocket is, I need to stare into the sun for a while and get that image out.

Bryce said...

I am of a sick mind...
However the only purpose of same
would be if there was a sudden passing of
wind which in turn could increase
acceleration. Mind it could well
also increase global warming as well!

irondad said...

Probably the same thing the other gals think who ride in shorts and flip flops. It's certainly not how much of a loser the guy is for letting her ride like that!

Round objects do make the wind close more cleanly around them, don't they?

I've certainly been haunted by it!

Thanks for the well wishes. The same back at you! I miss your blog. I relate to the irreverent and iconoclastic!

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Hopefully you still have some of your flu medicines around.

Staring at the sun seems a fitting antidote for having been so violently mooned, I guess.

Yeah, you're kinds sick. But I like that in a person!

Joe said...

Holy Cow! I've not seen a crack in the windshield like this before so I had to poach the pics for my blog with credit to you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty effective way of preventing following traffic getting too close!
Merry Christmas

Heinz & Frenchie said...

Well it is the season for sharing so guess a thanks are in order. Happy Holidays and safe riding in 2008