Saturday, February 23, 2008

"And it was good!"

This is a follow-up to my post on electrics. I'm hoping most of you realized that the post was done in a tongue-in-cheek manner. There was no intent to disparage electric vests and such. Nor, by extension, those who use them.

Some sort of mental quirk on my part has driven me to be hardcore when it comes to riding. While not going so far as to be practising asceticism, I have disdained a lot of available creature comforts. That's just me. I like having that kind of reputation. Maybe some psychotherapist would say I'm trying to compensate for some sort of perceived personal shortcoming. Whatever.

Let it be known that I am a proponent of being comfortable while riding. As your comments so rightly pointed out, physical comfort contributes to more effective control of the bike. Being warm, or conversely, cool enough, enables better application of mental skills. Each of which are critical to taking care of ourselves out there.

My physical and mental makeup have allowed me to be less dependent on outside help to deal with the elements. These abilities haven't diminished with age, thank goodness! Despite that, I found myself really shocked by how quickly I was willing to use the electric jacket liner. That's what inspired the post where I sort of poked fun at myself over it.

Speaking of mental skills, I have to say Dave's comment brought me up short. He stated that if my body wasn't warm then my brain might not be working as well. The problem with that was the possibility of forgetting where a Starbucks was located. That prospect scared me more than becoming soft! Have I really been that bad about Starbucks? A person might think I owned stock in the corporation. Wait. I do. Too short sighted to buy Microsoft or Apple, I did manage to put some investment money into a little coffee company when they first offered stock. I'll have to say it sort of paid off. Still, though, you all make it look like I have a reputation as a coffee hound!

The rugged Road Warrior gazed upon the variety of electric motorcycle gear. He pronounced it good!

Stay tuned. Due to a request we'll soon be visiting with the smallest member of the Ninja family.

Miles and smiles,



Bryce said...

For unknown reason the last two postings to the list didn't make it through. However am interested in
your ventures into the realm of electrics. The heated vest might be seen by you as a failure;
a failure to maintain your being as it were.

You have succumbed to being soft perhaps in your own mind's eye. We know nothing of your past other than what is on list and as an
instructor. We've had inklings into family. How is your grandmother doing post surgery?

Suspecting you're either approaching or have past the half century mark in age maybe it is
time to allow yourself some creature comforts. As one other person noted, cold body means
cold brain which in turn could cause a lack of proper judgment.

Your choice, but I'd wear the vest
if I were you.

Riding a motorcycle is akin
to playing a classical or theatre
pipe organ. All four limbs work, plus the sensory attachments and
you still have to watch for those small cues that mean something needs to be corrected along the way. Having been ill for as long as I have means playing the organ has not been at the top of my to
do list. So have once again on my end started exercise to enable me to do so. And these same exercises
will also help me get back in the
saddle on the motorcycle.

However getting in the saddle on a
cold day is not my intent; if I had
an electric vest, it might well induce me to do so. I'll go play the pipes over the next few weeks, you go play on Sophie, maybe
have some Stilton cheese with that
sandwich out doors and we'll check up on you later.

OH, and remember to unplug yourself
from the electrics before dismounting the horse!

Steve Williams said...

When you said forgetting a Starbucks location was more disturbing than getting soft I thought you were nuts. But then I read things a bit more closely....

I have ridden in some really cold weather for over a hundred miles and can't say I ever got cold enough (save for my hands) to even consider hypothermia. But then I stop often taking pictures and allow my body to heatup. Wearing all the gear I do I heat up fast when not in motion.

But if I was riding for a long distance at sustained speed it would be a different story. I would have the vest, heated grips, electric gloves, and maybe even electric socks. Sophie probably generates so much excess power that you could probable have a coffee maker on board as well and brew your own Starbucks coffee!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

irondad said...

Grandma's doing pretty well. The skin graft's taking. So far the docs don't think there's cancer anywhere else. Thank you for asking.

I grew up where the phrase "getting in touch with your feminine side" wasn't accepted too well. A guy was either "all man" or not at all. Fortunately for Katie and the kids I learned to be gentle at the same time.

You play a pipe organ? How cool! I love listening to those.

The Starbucks thing was meant as a joke. Glad you read far enough. I actually had a coffee maker that plugged into a 12 volt system. I used it on a bike at stops once in a while. The lower voltage meant it just took too long to heat the water.

Take care,


Conchscooter said...

I'm just glad I took it in the spirit it was offered. Really, people get way too serious about this stuff. Riding a motorcycle is supposed to relieve stress not induce it.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks...ah most people either love 'em or hate 'em. I can't say I'm a frequent visitor myself. But, hey if I needed a jump start to keep me warm and riding on two wheels thru the night, Starbucks will do just fine :) -Dan

David said...

I guess I wasn't quite sarcastic enough, or I forgot to put in a smilie. ;) I wasn't trying to make a point, just help you rationalize your way to being comfortable.

Me, I admit to being lazy, and a creature of comfort. I hate riding in the rain and won't ride if it's too cold (below 40degrees F). Being lazy just means I look for better ways to do things. :)

If you want to deprive yourself of comfort for the sake of "Machismo" then go for it. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. Am I laying it on thick enough this time? ;)

With tongue firmly in cheek,
Dave T.

irondad said...

You've only touched the surface by that comment. Some people take themselves waaay too seriously! Some things like training are serious business. Preferences? That's exactly all they are.

I like the consistency from store to store and the fact that there's usually one close to where I am. Of course, there are those who say I'm a coffee hound!

I caught the drift of where you were coming from. It just crossed my mind that some may have missed the humor.

Take care,

Heinz & Frenchie said...

We like Starbucks too, but they are getting way too much coverage here. Comfort is the name of the game and whatever makes you comfortable is what is important. We are just real happy we don't have to deal with the low temps. However a cold front is coming thru with a prediction of a low of 60 degrees. Brrrrrr. Hey Conchscooter get out your long undies.