Sunday, February 24, 2008

Widder pulling the plug?

While we're on the subject of electrics, here's a copy of an e-mail that crossed my inbox. It's from one of our newer instructors. I haven't personally verified it.

Just a heads up for anyone interested...Widder (makers of heated gear) is closing shop at the end of this year.
I'm a big fan of heated gear and currently use gloves and a vest made by Widder. I was interested in getting some additional gear and sent an email requesting information because their website states that all warranties expire on 12/31/08.
Here's the response I got from Pat Widder:
From: Pat Widder
Hi Darcy,
We will cease operations on 12/31/08.
Widder Enterprises
942 E Ojai Ave, Ojai CA 93023 USA
800 WYB-COLD 805 640-1295 805 640-1296/Fax

If it's true then the motorcycling community will be the worse for it. Widder makes good gear. I once sent them an e-mail asking if a rheostat controller was waterproof. I had put some hook and loop material on it and stuck it to the map pocket holder strip on my Roadcrafter pants.

I quickly received a reply that Widder wasn't going to claim the controller was waterproof, They had, however, submerged one in a bucket of water for five days with no ill effects. That was good enough for me!

Miles and smiles,



Anonymous said...

That's too bad. One less quality option for cold weather riders.

Should my metabolism ever slow down and I need a heated vest, I was going to check out the Jett battery heated vest reviewed on webbikeworld. Seems to work as claimed if used as a "mid" layer, and they just made the battery smaller.
Speaking of layers, last night I tried a new "merino wool" shirt as a baselayer. Great stuff!
Cotton = bad. for anyone interested. -Dan

Allen Madding said...

It's true. Their website shows all warranty abruptly ends 12/31/08. Guessing they were taking a loss replacing malfuncting gloves?

irondad said...

It would be interesting to have a battery instead of wires. Wonder if the heat capacity would be the same? What kind of life does the battery have?

I've never tried the gloves. The vest has always worked fine. Take it you've not been pleased? I remember a post on your blog but forgot the content. Have to go back and look.

Take care,