Friday, August 14, 2009

Everything, the kitchen sink, and the dogs?

Out and about on an early morning run the other day, I pulled into a rest area. Seeing a group of fellow riders, I backed in close by. The usual conversation ensued. However, my eyes kept being drawn to the trailer behind the Gold Wing. Particularly to the dogs standing on top of it.

The dogs, trailer, and bike belong to the gentleman standing on the left. I asked permisson to snap a few photos with my camera phone. It was granted. In fact, the guy said there always seemed to be people taking pictures. I can see why. As luck would have it, the camera phone was all I had along for the ride. I always try to take at least the point and shoot Kodak, if not the Nikon. I figured this would be one of those routine days, all business, so I packed neither. Goes to show you can never tell. Isn't there some sort of saying to that effect?

The group was flying the colors of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. So was the trailer, as you can see.

According the to man, the dogs have been riding along for years. Inside the trailer are carpet and blankets to cushion the four legged passengers. I was told they look forward to the ride. There's a plexiglass viewing area to the front of the trailer. Venting can be provided.

Interacting with the canines, I found both to be happy and well adjusted, if not a little quirky compared to other dogs. Kind of like the average motorcyclist, wouldn't you say?

Proving my point further, notice the laugh on the face of the gal. Now notice the cheerful expression on the face of the yellow dog. Motorcycling is good for the soul, whether it be human or canine!

Anyway, just thought this would be interesting to share.

Miles and smiles, ( with some tail wagging thrown in )



Sojourner rides said...

Now, that is too cool! I'm so glad you had the phone! I would have kicked myself if I'd missed that wonderful photo op! Those dogs are traveling in style. What a conversation starter! BTW, your phone takes nice pics!

Dave said...

Now there;s a pair of scooter dogs
Just wonder how well that trailer tows?

cpa3485 said...

You just never know what you might see sometimes. I know our dogs would absolutely love that. Thanks for the post. I like it a lot.

Allen Madding said...

I think he should buy the dogs vests. They've had to earn their patches by now :)

I always wondered what farkle was left to be added to a Hondapottimus, I guess that trailer is it!


Charlie6 said...

Irondad, how coincidental your mentioning not having to take a camera....I am working on an article so themed.....

sounds like quite the rig you found....

I wonder if they've considered a sidecar rig instead?

Redleg's Rides

Bryce said...

Dog gone it!
Instead of hoofing it they are
woofing it.

Ironman your e-mail is down again.
Have something for the D40 here.
Just stuff the D40 into the bike and leave it there.
Put on a Sigma wide angle lense and use the glass as the best for the purpose.

As to the religious themes on the trailer, it doesn't tell us anything about the occupants; their names or their owners either.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad:

I am always amazed at the variety of trailers pulled by motorcycles that turn up in rest areas during the summer time.

On I-70 in Maryland, I came across a big BMW "R" bike pulling a pop-up camper made for motorcycles. It looked like a really bad idea. The guy had his wife on the back, and in traffic on those rolling hills, they appeared to be doing 55 miles per hour. Traffic was stacked up behind them for 2 miles.

Then heading north on I-81, I was passed by a BMW GT going like the hammers of hell, with a one-wheel tear-drop trailer behind him. That unit appeared to track perfectly.

Now as to dogs, we have a guy in our club who travels with a white lab in a basket on an R90. The dog loves it. I've never seen anything like it.

I thought the bike the folks in your picture were riding was a Harley. The Honda Gold Wing is nown for pulling everything from disabled cars (Japan) to dual dirt bikes on a trailer (USA).

It is amazing what ideas people will come up with.

Great post... The last one was good too.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

irondad said...


I guess you'd have to enjoy the attention to travel that way, because it's going to draw folks over.

The phone photos were helped out a bit by Photo Shop, by the way.


I'm not sure how it tows. If it helps, the dogs didn't look to be seasick!


There always is that possibility of new adventure, isn't there? Makes life interesting.


The guy lives about 15 miles from me, it turns out. Maybe I'll suggest the vest thing to him if we cross paths again. Perhaps they already have vests but only wear them in cooler weather.


I'll look forward to your post. You'd have to shape the sidecar to look like a doghouse and then it wouldn't be streamlined.


I find it interesting how you always want to more deeply come to know the people we encounter. I'm always happy to make a quick connection and move on, so to speak.

You must have a very caring personality.


Thank you for the compliment on the posts. I personally have shuddered at the thought of pulling a trailer. Isn't that the idea of a bike? To leave things behind and be free?

Of course, hauling the family pets is different. Share the joy, you know.

Take care,


Dean W said...

One of my other FJR riding friends finds that a Corbin Smuggler fitted with Pick'n'Pluck foam is the perfect accessory for carrying his camera on the bike any time he won't be carrying a passenger.

Alas, Corbin is proud of the Smuggler. I wouldn't have one if someone hadn't offered it to me half price because it didn't work with his Russell Day-long saddle. (It works fine with my Russell, go figger.)