Friday, August 21, 2009

Tight squeeze!

I was up at Adventist Hospital in Portland recently. They've built a new building. Attached to it is a two story parking structure. The designers were kind enough to provide motorcycle only parking spaces. However, it seems more of an afterthought on how to use otherwise wasted space than a hospitable gesture.

There's probably a political statement to be made here but I'm not going to make it. I just thought it was an interesting situation to share.

Here's a photo of what I saw.

It looks like a pretty tight squeeze to me! The space also slopes uphill from where I was standing to take the photo. Good thing the Wing's probably got reverse, eh? It also doesn't look like more than two or three bikes would fit. Smaller bikes could pass each other to get out. If another bike were to park in front of the Wing I don't think it could do the same.

On the other hand, there's not much chance a car driver will back into the bikes! No parking charges are involved so maybe protection is why the rider parked here.

I prefer more wide open parking like this.

You know how us outlaws are. We need room to run!

Miles and smiles,



Anonymous said...

Sidecars and trikes need not apply.

Interesting design with angled steel beams.

Conchscooter said...

Do tell. How did those terrible Oregon leftists screw up motorcycle parking? The mind boggles.

Steve Williams said...

Our new parking garage has nice open car free spaces (free) right next to the garage office and a security camera pointing towards them. It is about the safest one could be I suppose.

There is room for about a dozen motorcycles. Definitely not the afterthought sort of thing that your are depicting.

On campus all the parking garages have dedicated motorcycle parking but you have to pay for the privilege.

Still, with all of this, motorcycles are a small, small percentage of traffic. They are alas mainly recreational vehicles. Those of us who use them for transportation on a regular basis are malcontents and strange I guess.

The federal government surely has a list...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

רוי said...

Hi Dan,
I find your blog inspiring. As a two-wheeled beginner I extract knowledge from just about wherever I find it and your blog is a fountain at that...
The right attitude and the love for the experience of the ride gives me hours of pondering, amusement and inspiration.
I'm considering taking similar course to the one you teach, I'll have to save the money first' though. Here in Israel it's expensive, no government support, two-wheels culture is at its' diapers unfortunately.
Anyway, I have a blog and I'd like your permission to publish link to your blog in it.
TNX, keep it up, you're making it big time.

Ford said...

Do you have an english version for those of us who don't read Hebrew?

רוי said...

Hi Ford,
Actually, I'm thinking how to do just that' I mean, technically. Should I open a different blog for that purpose? No idea how to approach the problem! Of course the ideal will be to place links to other languages, I wouldn't how it works on Blogger. Google wasn't that much of a help either...
Any suggestions?

Many TNX for your comment (isn't it amazing how blogs will open your mind to people all over the globe?)

Roy K

kz1000st said...

My last bike was a 600 pound shaftie, the present bike a 450 pound Brit bike relica. This is the kind of thing I switched for. No problem pushing the Twin into that spot (backwards), putting it on the centerstand and riding away later. As much as I loved the ride and power of a "Big" bike I love being in charge moving a machine around.