Friday, January 29, 2010

Conchscooter made me do it!

Conchscooter left a comment on my last post that he wanted me to go out and take more photos. I think it was because he didn't want me writing such long posts. More pictures, less text. Ok, here's a post with mostly photos. Just to set the record straight, Conch told me to do something I already wanted to do so I'm not doing it because of him!

Spent an afternoon last Saturday with the kids and the new baby. I couldn't pry Ryan away from Katie so I had to content myself with practicing with the Nikon. That, and cooking for everybody to make up for them putting up with us. Here's some candid shots.

I took advantage of the light from a small table lamp. No flash. I used an f/5.6 aperature and cranked the ISO up to 200. Ryan's asleep against Katie. He spent a couple of hours like this. The golden light casts a sort of "angelic" glow to Ryan's face. I thought it was pretty cool, even if we are looking up his nostrils!

They say when you are taking a photo of someone you should try to keep them from doing the obviously posed thing. Experts tell you to share a joke, make the subject laugh, and so on. So I asked Katie to let me hold the baby. Here's her reaction. At least it's truly a candid shot! For this one I bounced a flash off the ceiling.

This was a totally spontaneous moment. This is Russ, Ryan's daddy. Our son in law. Katie finally gave up the baby. Even new grandmothers have to eventually use the room down the hall. By now everybody's used to me with a camera around. Funny how quickly the family comes to accept an eccentric member. As a matter of fact, Russ was telling a professional photographer at the hospital that their services wouldn't be needed. That we already have a photographer in the family. I wonder who that could be? Anyway, I saw this expression and was able to quietly capture it. I bounced a flash, again, but had turned down the intensity.

As you can see, Katie reclaimed Ryan. Katie's mother and father called then stopped by. This was their first look at Ryan. The baby's not quite three days old. I like the photo because both of them are looking at Ryan. Their gaze pulls your eyes to the baby, who is the main subject. Studying composition has been interesting. I'm finally starting to understand the specifics of what makes a picture draw your eye or not. Barely.

This is Katie's mother taking her own photos. There's too much space between the person on the right and Katie with Ryan on the left. However, the bright blue of greatgrandma's top draws your eye, then the camera lense angle draws your eye to the left where the baby is. Not a great photo but at least I know why! Besides, I had to give both of Katie's parents equal time here.

There were already two dogs and two cats in the kids' family. I wanted to include the dogs, at least. Okay, they weren't be ignored, so I had no choice but to give in and take their pictures. I like the advice I read to get in close and focus on the eyes. You can even see the two little light spots in the Pom's eyes from the bounced flash. That's my daughter behind the Pom. I could have taken her out with photoshop but it seemed wrong to do to my firstborn.

I think this one's missing the attention the most. The subdued flash went with her look. Just enough light bounced back to make her coat look alive and glowing without washing it out. Sometimes you get lucky. How do I know she's pouting and not just looking like all golden retrievers? This might be a clue.

Yep, she's pouting! The part of her you can't see is hanging out, but she's got her head stuck under the end of the coffee table. She's right at my feet. I'm sitting next to Katie and Ryan. Yes, Katie still has Ryan. It might sound like I'm upset about that. I know Katie's going to look at this so I'm just ribbing her a bit.

I saved my favorite photo for last. While sitting beside Katie, who was holding Ryan, something startled Ryan as he was waking up. Fortunately, I was able to quickly capture the look.

Who would have thought you could see a look like this from a baby not even three days old? He must have finally gotten a good look at his grandfather! Hey, kid, we're both new at this thing.

Miles and smiles,



Dave said...

(He must have finally gotten a good look at his grandfather)

Or may be it was that you forgot to take off your riding gear again : )

Mike said...

Really great photos Dan! I especially like the first one of Ryan (btw, our son's name). I personally like those shots with natural light and up close. I have hundreds of those of our kids and grand kids. You did a great job with it IMHO. Also, the ones of Katie holding Ryan are really good. Her expression really makes it! And finally, the up close ones of the dogs looking into the lens are great. Man, your photos are improving tremendously and fast. Keep up the good work.

Richard Machida said...

As Dave said, you must've been still wearing your helmet when taking the last picture;-)

Great photos...

Anonymous said...

One big error!
The family photographer is not in the picture.
After ny Dad died in 1982, family were viewing photo albums; few pictures of my father. And it was only because I was a photographer were there photos of him.

Charlie6 said...
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Charlie6 said...

You sir have a handsome grandson! And I must agree with Mr Dave about the startled look you like you so much.....really, you can take the hiviz stuff off while IN the house....

Also, along with what Mr Mike said, Ryan is coincidentally my second son's middle name....go figure.

I did some googling as to the meaning of the name Ryan and found the following:

1. The King's descendant
2. Little King or Little Ruler

From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendent of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish rí "king" combined with a diminutive suffix).

Thanks for reminding me of how small my own sons used to be as babies....going to spend some time going back to those old photos....

Chuck Pefley said...

Glad Conch gave you a nudge to post more photos -:)

I have two favorites: number 1, hands down is the first of Ryan ... and how else can you see if his nose is clear? ... number 2 is Red looking through the coffee table!

Congratulations to all of you!!

bluekat said...

...and another son's middle name.

Great job on the photos. Love the first-just precious. All are very nice. Add a baby and you get all these wonderful, expressive, portraits of the people around them.

Per Bryce's comment. I think photographer's sometime like to hide behind the camera, but your family want you in the picture too.

and did you get the dogs to look at your camera. Every dog I've ever had wouldn't look the camera in the lens whatsoever.