Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Einstein had a theory about time. Something about a person in an airplane moving at great speed and somebody on the ground. The watch of one moves faster than the other. So each experiences time at a different rate. I'm not sure of the exact theory and I'm too lazy to go look it up right now.

However, I can tell you that there's a difference between how bananas age on my motorcycle compared to those sitting on a table at home. Take a look.

This is an absolutely true story. The banana on the left came from the bunch on the right. At the time I snagged it, the banana looked as fresh as the others. So why does it look so much different?

It spent two days with me on the motorcycle, tucked into the tank bag. I had intended the banana to be a snack. Due to circumstances, it got overlooked and went uneaten. So I brought it back into the house. Notice how much worse it now looks than the others.

Was it evidence of Einstein's theory, whatever that is? Did the banana age faster due to being subjected to high speeds for a certain length of time? Was the aging due to stress related fear from being a passenger with me? The aging probably isn't weather related, though that may be a factor. The tank bag came into the house overnight and thus did the banana. It hasn't been overly cold around here lately. Somewhere around 40 degrees ( f ) before wind chill is factored in.

I'm not sure of the exact reason but it's pretty obvious the time on the bike was pretty hard on the poor banana!

Speaking of 40 degrees, I heard this morning on the radio that iguanas in Florida are shutting down in the trees due to the low temperature. It seems that when the temperature gets below 40 the lizards go into suspended animation. Then they fall off the tree limbs onto the ground.

Since I like Conchscooter, I wanted to pass along the warning. People pick up the iguanas that are on the ground. However, when the lizards get warmed up a bit, they suddenly come back to life and aren't too cheerful about the experience. So, Conch, don't do like the guy I heard about.

According to the news report, some guy started piling the iguanas into the back of his station wagon. When they warmed up in the car, the guy suddenly had a pack of angry lizards interfering with his driving! ( Just in case you thought one might fit nicely into the saddlebag of the Triumph, or something. )

Miles and smiles,



Anonymous said...

I think Conchscooter would want to deep six yhe lizards in his area, They eat his foliage for his edible plants.

Charlie6 said...

frozen iguanas...kinda like the carnivorous beetles in "The Mummy" movie eh?

oh the way your mind works Dan.....

Chuck Pefley said...

Dan, I'd suspect bruising to be the cause of the less healthy and non-creamy yellow complexion of your travel buddy.

Surly lizards ... sounds like fun. A photo op, at any rate.

Andrew said...

A mate of mine know's not to put fruit in the bottom of his right pannier (Connie 14). Made a nice little puree one day...

Richard Machida said...

Backwards. General relativity says that the banana travelling at high speed will age less not more. I think it is because the banana was in an enclosed space (the tank bag) which trapped the ethylene causing the fruit to ripen quicker.

Dave said...

Dan what you are seeing is called

The TARDIS effect Time And Relative Dimension In Space
We scooter riders know of this all to well when we find the under seat storage
Is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside

Conchscooter may have a thundering heard of iguanas in his under his seat storage as we speak

Old F

Arizona Harley Dude said...

That banana makes me that same process happening to the riders of motorcycles as well? I thought riding was keeping me fresh and young of heart. I may be in for a rude awakening.

cpa3485 said...

I hate to burst the bubble, but I am thinking that the enclosed space in your tank bag has a lot more to do with the situation than does the time/space continuum. But it is a best thought. I would also imagine that everything else in your bag has a very nice banana aroma to it by now.
That's a great iguana story!

Young Dai said...


You are correct that cause of the the faster aging is motorcycle based.

You know how you felt younger when on the bike ? All that age leaving your body is collected by the bike frame, which then flows back out again through the tyres when you stop. That is why after about half an hour you feel your proper years again

But the kicker is anything organic in your pannier's, tank bag or top box is also gets soused in the extra age travelling about the frame on every ride and some soaks in So it appears to age quicker.

You have seen this with the banananana, but if you really want to prove it, buy two maps at the beginning of the year. Put one in your panniers ot tank bag and leave the other on a shelf at home. I will guarantee that the map in the bike will be falling apart by the end of the year, but the one at home will still look brand new.

Heinz N Frenchie said...

Hey you are going bananas in the new year. Yes the iguanas do die in cold weather. And unless you revive them rather quickly, it is terminal. The guy needed to wait a day or so. We have had over a week of cold cold weather. Cry for me Oregon!

Orin said...

Dan, nanners' skins will get blackened when refrigerated; most refrigerators' default temperature is 40°F, plus or minus, so being in your bike's top case would do the trick.

In any case, according to Einstein the faster you go, the more slowly time passes. So the banana on your bike would still be green if your bike were traveling near the speed of light.

I'm guessing it's not that fast...

Scootin' Old Skool

fasthair said...

HI IronDad: I'm not going to give you a hard time about not knowing the difference of time and matter. But just for the record I would still eat the banana :) And Orin... funny stuff!!!


bluekat said...

It could have been much worse! I think the banana looks pretty good considering it's story. LOL-I heard about the lizards somewhere...just what you want dropping in on a ride. :)


Conchscooter said...

I have been prowling with my machete and my air gun but I haven't found any immobile iguanas to dispatch. And now thank Apollo the heat is coming back, so will the bastard bloody igaunas too probably.I need a flame thrower. I've heard bananas don't do well on their own and I think that brown one is suffering from separation anxiety.

irondad said...


As Conch states farther down, you are exactly right.


The way my mind works? Actually, I was wondering if we could put frozen iguanas on a stick and sell them in the summer.


Man, can you imagine having a bunch of surly lizards trapped in a car as models? What fun! Especially if we could capture the expressions of the driver.


Now I have an idea for a new jam and jelly company. My first flavor would be Concours Grape!


You of all people would know. It just seemed so much more fun to speculate as opposed to saying my poor banana gassed itself in my tank bag.

Dave Old F,

You scooter riders have it made. What happens to me is that my storage space is actually SMALLER than it looks from the outside.

I can just imagine Conch with a bag full of iguanas. Bon fire, anyone? We'll warm them up in a hurry!

Arizona Harley Dude,

I think it happens more readily to those who freeze up sidecar brakes. That would certainly age me more quickly.


So I'm trying to think this through logically as you daredevil accountants would. It's obvious I simply need a larger tank bag, right? Or one with vent holes. Would my banana spoilage be tax deductible under some sort of wear and tear clause?

Young Dai,

What a great explanation of the aging thing! The map thing is backwards for me, though. I spilled my beer on the home map while planning a trip.

Heinz & Frenchie,

I was kind on your blog as I was a guest. Here, it's different. Poor baby! Suck it up.


Once I figure out how to get Elvira up to escape velocity we'll do an experiment and report back!


I resent that. It's true I'm not totally up on that time stuff, but as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter! Yes, I did eat the banana, by the way. It was like me. Not pretty on the outside but it's what inside that counts, right?


You're right, it could have been worse. I could have chosen an apple but then what fun would that have been to blog about?

Can you imagine riding under a tree and having a frozen iguana fall in your lap? Weird.


Perhaps you could use a fire extinguisher on the iguanas. Would that be enough to freeze them?

As to the lonely banana, I couldn't stand that forlorn look any longer. So I ate it.

Take care,