Monday, February 08, 2010

Bootie time!

Now that I have the guys' attention, you may be disappointed!

I've been working on another street survival post based on the experience I had with the Prius driver in Portland last week. The post is taking a bit longer to get right than I expected. In the meantime, I can't seem to quit finding excuses to play with the camera.

To feed my addiction I took some photos of the completed cowboy booties that Katie crocheted for Ryan. If you remember, she was working on them in the hotel room in Seaside. It's amazing how much work goes into such tiny things! I threw in a photo of Elvira to feed the macho side and to justify putting baby booties on a motorcycle blog. Shameless, I know. On the other hand, there is a better than average chance that two wheels will figure into the Grandson's future. My son-in-law is a bike guy at heart even though he's not actually riding at the moment. My daughter grew up in a motorcycle household. Ryan might as well get used to wearing boots!

The next post will be seriously meaty. I promise. I know I've been a bit frivolous lately. I'm seeing a few more bikes out the last couple of days. Time to start filling the survival tool box, again!

Miles and smiles,



bobskoot said...

Mr Irondad:

I'm thinking that I need some new house slippers. Can you get wool in Pink ?

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Charlie6 said...

No need to make excuses about content relating to your grandson! Bring on the pics! If you feel you must, put his baby seat on Elvira so she does not feel left out.

Chuck Pefley said...

Just ignore Bobskoot ... he's from Canada ... so pink wool is all the rage up there in Olympic land -:)

Nice to see you're getting Ryan started with proper riding gear right away. Ankle protection. Perfect!! And they are darned cute boots, too.

bluekat said...

Those are just too cute!
A big thumbs-up to Katie

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

Can your wife knit the kid a helmet too?

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads
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irondad said...


I'm sure, if we can find some pink sheep, that we can get pink wool. In actual fact, I have a pair of slippers that Katie crocheted for me years ago. Much larger, of course. They look like tennis shoes.


I will have to dig out the photo that Krysta from Milwaukee sent to me. It is a car seat on the back of a BMW. Somebody did it for fun at a rally. The seat actually has a child in it. Obviously, the bike is not actually being ridden.


This was actually more of a learning experience in taking photos. So as long as Bobskoot didn't slam my pictures, it's ok.

You might appreciate this. I had an "aha!" moment. Originally I took some photos of the booties on the couch all by themselves. When I looked at the results the color and clarity was great. Suddenly I realized that there was nothing to provide any kind of perspective. Thus the coffee cup and the cell phone. It does make a difference, doesn't it?

Take care,


irondad said...


Thank you for noticing the "cute" factor of the booties! I appreciate that Katie still likes the tradition of handcrafted things.


Everyone knows that if you wear a knitted helmet it turns you into a knot head! A balaclava, however, would be a good choice. :)

Take care,


irondad said...


Is it just me or do the spammers seem to be getting more abundant and aggressive lately?



Sojourner rides said...

Those are very cute booties! Nice blog. It's fun to take a break now and again--the serious stuff will always be there to return to...

irondad said...


I'm finding I'm more inclined towards the fun side than the serious side lately. The question seems to be which is most worthwhile to readers for the time they spend here.

With the slightest encouragement I might just switch to the fun side full time.

By the way, has your photo a day blog launched? Maybe I just missed the link.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Foot loose and fancy free,
sounds like a new-born child as they kick their feet and move their arms.

Then a smell pervades the area...time for a diaper change!

Chuck Pefley...I am another Canadian, well to the east and I choose to ignore your comment!