Monday, February 22, 2010

Scenes from a sunny Sunday.

I'm finding my calling in photography. Urban settings and unusual things catch my eye. Katie and I went for a short drive on Sunday. Sorry, no riding. The plan was to get a bite at a brewery. I have this really firm personal rule about not mixing riding and any sort of alcohol comsumption. That's just my thing. Effects of alcohol aside, I would be horrified to have one of my many students see me drinking a beer with my riding gear nearby.

We parked in downtown Corvallis and took a stroll along the river walkway. Here's a few things that caught my eye and the camera lense.

Look at twin smokestacks through the trees and imagine a fire breathing creature of sorts.

Hang out with your friends and show off your blue underwear. While you're at it, wear pants and shoes that make you look like a girl.

Become airborne when the trick works.

Get a little jogging in when the trick goes sour and you have to chase your board.

Admire the architecture and wonder why anyone would pay a half million dollars and up to live in one of these condos. River view or not.

Wonder why the name on this sign looks so familiar.

Take a photo of an interesting shadow and tree trunk combination that catches your eye. Just because you can.

Bone up on some skeletal anatomy. I hope he studies hard; he's performing surgery tomorrow! By the way, this guy was more than happy to have his photo taken. Getting some attention is probably the point of choosing this location.

If you're feeling artistic like Joe and Ashlee, you can cover a cement wall with chalked graffiti. The top of the wall has written upon it:

"Masterpiece by Joe and Ashlee, give all donations to the charity of your choice."

It's refreshing to see graffiti that's cheerful and positive for a change.

Do you remember the song that the verse below is from? It will date you!

Bee happy!

Ashlee has her own tropical island. I'm thinking Joe feels a bit left out, though.

I guess if you cry enough, somebody will give you "pity power" to make you shut up. I don't know if I'm ready to try that approach, yet. It would be unbecoming a Warrior, I think.

Of course, every tropical island needs a shark. I wonder if Joe wishes it would eat Ashlee? Or maybe the other way around if Ashlee gets too fed up with Joe's crying!

One could also play "hide the bike between a car and a bush". Not sure what is going on here. This is the kind of thing you'd see at an apartment complex. There's only a couple of motels nearby and I don't think they're the kind that rent rooms by the week. Probably not even by the hour. Oh well, somebody knows what's up. I'm just the reporter.

Hope your Sunday was enjoyable!

Miles and smiles,



Orin said...

Half a million? In Corvallis?! Be patient, people. You'll be able to live there for 10 cents on the dollar in the not-too-distant-future...

Scootin' Old Skool

Conchscooter said...

Does the Kwak rate as a rat bike? I like that designation better than UJM. Besides it matches the underwear the rat is wearing further up.

Richard Machida said...

It looks like a beautiful day in Corvallis. Which brewery did you go to? I stop by that town periodically to visit family.

bobskoot said...

Mr Irondad:

thank you for the song which will be ringing within my ears all day now.

". . . talkin 'bout my girl"

I did learn something very important today.

If you drink it's okay to drive, but not ride

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Bucky said...

I wonder whether any of the skateboarders ever though about wearing a helmet with their girly clothes.

Did you not give them instruction while you were there?

irondad said...


Most of the building is empty as it is. 10 cents on the dollar? Hmmm, maybe I could afford it after all. As long as the exterior envelope doesn't leak, right?


Qualifies as a rat bike. The plate tags are long expired on both the bike and car. Surprised they haven't been towed away.


We went to the newly opened Flat Tail Brewery. It was formerly the Fox and Firken. Here is a newspaper article that gives more info.

Take care,


irondad said...


I hate it when songs get stuck in my head. No matter the song. As to the beer?

You can't ride for sure. If you have too much to drink, even walking is hazardous. Thus the car! ( tongue firmly in cheek )


They told me they went to purchase helmets but the store was out of pink ones.

Take care,


bluekat said...

Kids and fashion. My daughter wore shorts no matter how cold it got. My son was (still is) into the baggy, saggy jeans. What can I say...I wore stuff from the disco era - shudder! Platform shoes were cool though, and could be useful today should I decide I need a dual sport.

The kawi is often parked at this location. I've seen it several times but I don't know it's story. Maybe someone who works at the motel? I have a pic here from a recent bicycle ride:

Great photo series. A nice record of your day. I'm glad you guys had a nice Sunny day to enjoy.

Sojourner rides said...

Those lyrics, by the way, are from the Temptin' Tees (aka The Temptations), "My Girl." Lovely pics.