Saturday, March 06, 2010

Filler photos

I will have the next scanning post up tomorrow. I had a hundred and two degree fever Wednesday night. As you can guess, I'm managing to work, but crashing at night. The boss was down and we had stuff to do. He was sick, too. I'm hoping we didn't make anybody else sick. I know there are those who say both of us should have been home in bed rather than spreading germs around. These days you do what you have to do. Some things are too hard to reschedule once postponed.

The boss went home Thursday night. I enjoy his company when he's here, which is about once a month. Friday found me well enough to ride for work after I coughed up a few hairballs. Today dawned sunny and clear so Katie and I went out and about on Elvira. Somehow we ended up at a cat show. Did you know they have those? Just like dog shows but a lot quieter.

Anyway, just wanted you to know why the blog has been quiet and the reason for the delay in putting up the second scanning post. Sorry to be a tease! Here's a photo from yesterday and a couple from the cat show today as a sort of peace offering. Or maybe as a distraction technique.

I had the G11 with me. We were inside a building. As you can imagine, the judges and the owners of the cats being judged don't appreciate flash photos! With the ISO cranked up to 800, the fastest shutter speed I could get was 1/25 of a second. I was far enough away that I didn't want to open the aperature wider than about f5.6. I was worried about keeping enough depth of field. Holding the camera still on my crossed leg was no problem. I love that tilt screen, by the way! The problem was that the cats were always moving. Getting a clear picture of the cats was tough, but a few came out.

This is a photo that Mike will appreciate. Friday was BMW day. Mike rides an RT as you know from reading his blog. Mike and I call on some of the same facilities. In this case, due to a redistribution of duties at the Community College, we are literally calling on the same person. Whom also rides an RT. Later on, I had lunch with a man from the Portland School District. Who also rides an RT. This guy was one of my ART students last summer, too. Hmmm, the FJR was on the road but I didn't see either of the BMW's.

Ok, ok. I'll just post the cat photos without comment. This is getting too long. It was supposed to be a quick filler.

I told you I like taking unusual photos! How about an alien cat? I guess they actually have hair, but it's like fine peach fuzz. The cat got best of breed, best of class, and will compete for best of show tomorrow. She's a Sphinx. In spite of her odd appearance, she was obviously grooving on being cuddled and petted like any other cat with more fur.

See you sometime tomorrow. I promise the next installment of the scanning post. We just got started with the first one. Come back to find out where it goes next.

Miles and smiles,



Richard Machida said...

That is one strange looking cat. Kind of eliminates their best feature, soft furr...

bluekat said...

The sphinx's toy has more fur than the sphinx!

Glad you're feeling better and got to go for a little ride today. Sunny and warm...that's has to have some healing properties.

Charlie6 said...

I am a cat person and still that's a weird looking cat....

Glad to hear you're over the ailment, hopefully you didn't successfully "share" your germs.

Mike said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you're feeling better. I agree with Charlie6, that's a weird looking cat. And that's a funny line you said about cat shows being quieter than dog shows.

irondad said...


I think they look strange, too. The good news is that some folks love them. I mean, even I found somebody to love me!


Sunshine cures a multitude of ailments, physical and mental! Can't wait for more.


What drew my attention to the cat was that it looked like some sort of Star Trek alien from the front. It's those eyes, I think.


Last I checked, cats don't bark. Although I have to say there were certainly some vocal ones. One fat old grey cat was whining and hissing the whole time. I think he finally had gotten his fill of being picked up and prodded.

Take care,


Chris Luhman said...

That is one crazy looking cat.