Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wandering photos.

I can't help it. The photo bug is pushing hard. So I wandered around just taking some pictures while waiting to meet a customer for lunch. This doesn't really have anything to do with motorcycles. I just wanted to share some pics and thoughts. There won't be much text in this post. Mostly photos. I do want to share one thought before we embark, though.

Stacy wrote a post about what makes a good motorcycle blog. One of the things she mentioned is to stay on topic. In other words, if you call your site a motorcycle blog then the content should pretty much be related to that subject. If your intent is to just make it a dairy like Conchscooter does, then go with that. There's a lot of sense behind what Stacy says. I've been thinking about the situation since I've developed such a fascination with photography.

While I remain fiercely independent in doing my own thing, there is a time and place to listen to others who know what they are talking about. While I can still probably ride circles around Stacy, put us both in a room full of computers, servers, modems, and all those wire thingies, well........

Stacy would have 27 websites up and running complete with RSS feeds and all that sophisticated stuff while I was sitting there wishing I was still on the bike. The point is that I have come to the conclusion that I can't do justice to both passions with one blog. Don't be surprised to see a link here to a new blog dealing with photography, but also in a unique way. It just seems to make sense to separate the two subjects since each demands a lot of individual attention.

In a sort of last hurrah, then, and sticking my tongue out at convention, here are some photos. I put a bike in just for gratification.

Here I am practicing what I learned from Chuck and Bluekat. If you can't get a good photo, take it from another angle or do something to it in Photoshop. Then call it "Art"! See, the result below isn't all that bad. Pretty artistic, right?

I'm always amazed how people use their vehicles to express themselves. Take a look.

Apparently the owner of the VW has opinions on a lot of topics. This one is a bit more subtle and to the point.

I happened upon a fisherman near the river.

It looks like he has had some success.

Check out what he was using for bait.

Note the Starbucks cup. It's Pike Roast. I hear it's particularly successful in Minnesota. That's all right. If you don't get it, the pun was bad in the first place so don't sweat it.

Speaking of Stabucks. Here is the gratuitious bike photo.

I caught the dude still staring at the backsides of the girls that had walked by. I guess a full face helmet is better than sunglasses for disguising where you are looking. Unless you're this obvious, of course.

Earlier I had bought a cup of coffee in the same Starbucks. The new D5000 was hanging under my arm. You know that professional way that great photographers carry their camera when they're not actually using it. Oh, I didn't tell you about the 5000, did I? Chalk it up to a great wife.

Anyway, this attractive gal in line asked me if I was a freelance photographer. I answered in the affirmative. After all, how much more "free" can you be when nobody is paying you for your pictures? Seriously, I do intend to go "semi-pro" in the not too distant future. I got my coffee and left. When she brought up "portfolios" I got worried. We just met, after all. Besides, she wasn't the one who bought me the new camera. Us "freelancers" have to watch our loyalties.

Here's a difference between man and beast that I appreciate.

Lunch for Dan and Roy.

Lunch for the pigeons.

It's not like I've never eaten off a sidewalk before. ( don't ask ) I just hate it when I get barkdust in my beak. On the other hand, humans do strange things to themselves in odd machines.

Since I've eaten off sidewalks but can't yet fly, I had to use alternate transportation to go upstairs.

If anybody wants to learn to fly, I have an idea for a way to practice.

Take that offramp to the lower deck on a motorcycle and let me know how it goes. I suspect mostly downhill. Maybe your luck will be better than mine would be.

Miles and smiles,



Steve Williams said...

I think as long as the writing on a blog is focused on something you can mix things up. At least I hope that's true. Even if it isn't I am going to write about what ever I want.

But I digress....

You really are moving into the photo world with a fury. Today a D5000. Who knows, maybe tomorrow a D3X??

Either way, riding and photography is an easy mix. Much better than riding and drinking...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

irondad said...

Steve Williams,

Mostly I agree with you. It's my blog and I'll do what I want. On the other hand, I have this idea I want to pursue. Which means it should have its own blog.

I want to do more than a photo blog. It will be more of an educational thing for the average Joe. The plan is to use my own pathway as a guide.

I seem to have a reputation for totally immersing myself in a new endeavour. Guess it happened again.

Take care,


Richard Machida said...

I guess I like the mix. I really enjoy seeing photos and videos from differant areas of the country. Not simply snapshots, but in some cases images that a lot of thought and care went into. In this blog, I also learn a lot.

Stacy said...

I guess I should have added another suggestion on my "Good Motorcycle Blogs" post: don't do anything just because some random idiot on the internet says so.

It's your blog. Do what you will with it.

Anonymous said...

"The new D5000 was hanging under my arm. You know that professional way that great photographers carry their camera when they're not actually using it. Oh, I didn't tell you about the 5000, did I? Chalk it up to a great wife."

I could ask did she purchase the new D5000 for you from her own stash or from you earnings?

So, does this mean Katie receives the D40 for her use? And what about that G11. eh?

I had a strange feeling this progression might happen. It's called NAS, Nikon Acquisition Syndrome, an incurable illness, much like motorcycling.

As to your proposed blog. Ask yourself; do you Dan have sufficient "time" to devote to yet another method of expression?
Blogs are personal; I'd suggest you think about your abilities prior to venturing down yet another new path. Are your photographic experiences available elsewhere, authored by others, and just because you've acquired another image recording device, perhaps it might be best to sit back and enjoy that which has been given.

One can easily have too many things to accomplish and complete them albeit poorly. Rather best do a few things well rather than many things poorly.
Some people burn the candle at both ends, and yes sometime the candle burns in the middle, shortening the life of the candle. Is this your direction?

My own candle was being shortened by circumstances beyond my control.
The could not be extended, so the flame was reduced; the candle survives.

May you too survive.

bluekat said...

Congrats on the new Camera - Cool! Very subtle how you dropped that in halfway buried in your post!

With regards to the blogs, it sounds like you're heading in a good direction. I'm looking forward to see where you go.

So whatcha gonna do when you have too much photography equipment to haul on the bike? Sidecar? Trailer?

Sojourner rides said...

Really enjoyed your pictures. I think you might like the book, _The Tao of Photography_. Check out also, _Visual Poetry_. I just think that you would find these right up your alley--for reasons I can't articulate.

I'm of the mindset that my blog is mine to use however I want: for fun, entertainment, and insights however I might define that. The one thing I enjoy about blogging is that it doesn't feel like work, no must-dos or imposed don'ts. When it becomes work or constrained by rules, I will close shop. I do what I want and hope that others will find it worth a few minutes of their time.

I am working on a photo blog that will be separate from the motorcycle blog but I expect there will be a lot of cross fertilizing.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad (Dan):

I like a good story. I don't care how it's told... Just as long as it's good. If I get to the end of a blog and it hasn't: 1) been an adventure; 2) evoked some kind of an emotion; 3) prompted a response on my part; 4) or made me saw, "I wish i had thought of that;" or "I wish thai had happened to me;" or "I'm gonna try that next week;" then there was no point in reading it.

Then again, I do not write for myself, nor do I feel the need to commit my random thoughts to paper. I like telling stories. I write to entertain the reader. Not everybody likes my stuff. I've learned to live with it.

I have been a paid, professional writer for 35 years. I have earned money in no other way. I will tell you this... Some of the most prolific writers I have ever met -- and some of the most prolific artists -- are the worst. It may take hours or weeks to get a project right, or minutes with luck.

One of my closest friends has been a professional photographer for as long as I hve been a writer, and he sweats bullets.

Good luck.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

irondad said...


I share your interest in seeing places from around the country. The world, for that matter.

Thank you for the kind words!

Take care,


irondad said...


"some random idiot on the internet"? Be careful; you're talking about someone I consider a friend.

I've learned a couple things as I've aged.

One: I have a lot of skill at some things. Others not so much. If you observe someone with skills in an area you want to improve in, it can be wise to listen to them. Even if they are a relatively young whippersnapper! ( written with a big, warm smile )

Two: I weigh everything against my own experience and needs. Does new advice work for me or not? I dont' blunder blindly about based on somebody else's words. Ultimately we need to chart our own course. So no worries.

You typed a good post. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


irondad said...


You raise some good points. Actually, Katie had a stash from whence the camera was purchased.

Do I have time for two blogs? Maybe. If I teach less. It's always a juggling act, isn't it?

Thank you for the well wishes. I return them double to you, my friend!


Sharing the D5000 was sort of an afterthought as I was writing.

I'm going to keep acquiring photographic equipment. Then I'll quit riding and start driving around in a motorhome.!

Take care,


irondad said...


Thank you for the recommendations. The rest of your words are wise counsel. If both pursuits are a part of our life, then there is bound to be some crossover.


The most useful part of what you wrote is that you enjoy telling stories. That is the part that comes through in your stuff. That is also what makes it entertaining.

I hope to do the same with photos. My enjoyment should shine through and enthuse others. That seems to be the key to success.

Thank you for the wish of good luck!

Take care,


bluekat said...

I'll only believe the motorhome if I see a scooter on the back. :)

Nah...even then I don't think I would believe it!

all my best,

Krysta in MKE said...

re: the opinionated Bug
The city I grew up in, someone had a car that they'd decorated in buttons. Regular keep your clothes closed sorts of buttons of all shapes & colors, just glued on. I didn't ask if it started with just a couple or was a planned encrustation, but it looked neat.

Anonymous said...

Conchscooter has a dairy? COOL! Does he have a cow named daisy too? ;-)

Your blog is great, including your OTHER passions. And it's about you, you life and the way you see things.

If you accepted cash for a motorbike blog perhaps there would be some sort of expectation, but this is your private space. Expectations are fairly unwelcome i imagine.


Conchscooter said...

I milk my cow real hard to get two blogs going. It's too much but my aggravation at the world needs to vent.
On the other hand I figured out early on that writing about riding was too limiting for me so I changed the name of the blog to dairy so I could do what I want.
On the other hand i don't want to make money from it. for me it is specifically an amateur endeavor to satisfy my need. And no one would pay me to be a pinko commie on the internet anyway.