Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Burning up the rubber!

I'm taking a slight detour on the way to the promised running post. Yesterday I had the great privilege of being lead instructor for one of our Advanced Rider Training ( ART ) classes. I enjoy them all but this one was extra special.

Quite a number of the Corvallis area blogger gang ( and their partners in crime ) had signed up for this class. We had a great day. At least from my perspective. I'm not going to detail the day. Just wanted to share a few quick snapshots I was able to grab in between things. The bright and sunny conditions were better suited to riding than photo opportunities.

The bloggers attending were Troubadour, Bluekat, and Bolty. They brought along Rick, Eric, and Birthday Girl Stacey. Eric had previously been one of my Basic Rider students. I have deep respect and admiration for riders who take more advanced training. My hope is that my fellow instructors and I were able to help them take their skill levels up a notch or two.

As you can see, Troubadour has some serious lean going on. I'm pretty sure his bike was lighter at the end of the day!

Coincidentally, that guy on the Beemer RT in the background is one of my business customers. This is the second year in a row I have been his instructor. Helps the business relationship immensely.

Bluekat was styling on Sam, her beautiful green Ninja. I couldn't help but wonder if there were green crocs in that trunk case.

Following Bolty and the new-to-her SV650 around the track, it was obvious that the two of them have meshed well. Her riding is very fluid and graceful. Is there a huge grin under that smoked visor?

When I get new riders in my basic classes they sort of become my "kids". Eric, I'm pleased to say, has grown up and flown the nest. I'm proud of you, "Son"!

My aplogies to Rick. I thought I had a couple of good shots. One turned out blurred and in the other you had a tree growing out of the top of your helmet. I did get you in the group in the last photo. Actually, Rick's so fast that only the fastest cameras can catch him!

For a few minutes I camped out at the end of the swerve box. Bluekat threatened to run over me for being such a distraction. Sorry about that. It is interesting, now that we mention it, how the riders turned to stare at me. I figured I better quit while I was still intact.

There's Birthday Girl Stacey. She looks a little intimidating coming at me, don't you think?

This isn't one of the gang but I target fixated on that yellow helmet.

The photos are dark, as you can see. I was in the shade. Trying to get a fast shutter speed to stop the action, I made a mistake and set it TOO fast. The zoom lense wouldn't open far enough to compensate, it seems. One of these days I'll be able to get it right on the fly, I hope! It doesn't help that I forgot to take the polarizing filter off the lense. Guess I'm still a better rider than photographer. Of course, I've been riding much longer. I just hope it doesn't take me another 43 years to get proficient at making photos.

Here's the whole group giving us some written feedback on the course. This is proof you were there, Rick! Troubadour is either smoking his pen or wishing us all a peaceful day.

Thanks for taking the class, gang. From my perspective is was an immensely enjoyable day! As riders may you live long and prosper.

Miles and smiles,



Anonymous said...

Assume this was the g11 for the photographs?

Considering the circumstances and as you were in their firing range, you did quite well.

So tell me, don't the participants have regular employment? How did they get a day off to expand their riding horizons?
Then again you can always be so
very persuasive.

BeemerGirl said...

That course looks interesting. Is there really a "twisties" section to that? My ARC class was still in the parking lot that the Basic class was in... I think I like yours better. :) -Lori

Stacy said...

Dan, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. (Thanks also to your fellow instructors, who also did a great job.) I hoped to gain more confidence with cornering and I can already feel a big difference.

I will treasure that picture always!

@Bryce: We are all gainfully employed -- we did what we had to to get the time off and make it happen.

Troubadour said...

Had a great day Dan, it was an honor to learn from the master(s). All the instructors were very helpful and encouraging. Thank you.

And now we are all pilfering your pics.

Rickster said...

Dan, Thanks again for a great class. I left feeling more confident about my skills. Sorry I was going to fast for a pic ;-)

bobskoot said...


It's not everyday you actually know most of the class. I can now relate to your lessons. Too bad you couldn't have mounted a GoProHD camera to Troubadour's bike and view the video later. Or the one where you get run over. (I was kidding)

Those are very nice action photos you took. Tell Rick to slow down next time.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

bobskoot said...
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Eve said...

Ahh!! I just got done telling Bluekat...DANG!! I wish I could have been there with ya'll!! DANG!!
What a great learning experience and fun to boot!!
Great work Dan!

bluekat said...

Threaten to run down an instructor...not me!! It was Sam's idea. No green crocs, just some pink flip-flops buried under a half-ton of warm layers. The case nearly exploded everytime I opened it.

Thanks for doing the class. It was awesome. All the instructors were great! I was still exhausted on Tuesday. The commute this evening was brisk, and the corners were faster. They felt about the same until I noticed the speed. Oh, that's 67 not 57. This may or may not be good! :)

Now I'm off to pilfer a pic or two...

If Brad had the video you could have heard his pegs scraping in every corner!

Dean W said...

I have a GoProHD camera. I will get it mounted before the next ART. I will get it mounted before the next ART. I will...