Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where's Rick?

I dug around in the attic and found my old eight track player. Then I ran all my raw nef file photos from our ART course through the player. The more retro you go, the slower the files play. Since this was 30 year old technology the files passed really slowly. I mean really slow. Freezing the frames meant I could finally catch the flying Rickster in action. Without further ado, I present the Kawasaki ZZR that is so burning fast it always looks like black charcoal.

All right, I admit it. No 8 track players were involved. However, I'm so slow with technical editing in Photoshop that it seems that slow. I actually took Rick out of a crowd then placed him in a layer I created that had another bike in it. I replaced that bike with Rick on his bike. I felt bad that I missed putting up a trophy photo for him. After reading Bolty and Troubadour's comments about pilfering my photos I had to do it. Pretty cool, job eh?

BeemerGirl asked about the track. Here is an aerial photo. Did you all notice me gone for a while? Remember that guy up in the really tall tree with the Ospreys? That's ok. You can thank me later for the risk I took getting you this photo!

The paddock and front straight are on the left. Notice the river on the right? Only some hay bales and a dirt bank separate the riders from the water. Good thing you didn't know that at the time, isn't it? Target fixation, anyone?

Miles and smiles,



bobskoot said...


See, what did I tell you. Oregon must have the worst road builders in the country. All that wasted asphalt to get to the other side when all you had to do was to make one diagonal straight road.

You must have wings, or you are a very good pole vaulter

Wet Coast Scootin

Tinker said...

Why not use Irfanview to lighten up your photos, instead of PhotoChop?

Got to be faster, took about 45 seconds to do 3 of your photos. Irfanview is free ware, so its cheaper too, and if you want to abuse colors, it will do that too. Or you can make a color photo into B&W, or even Sepia.

bluekat said...

Your missing a portion of the track in your photo. I don't remember you or it missing at any time on Monday. :)

One of my evil corners is in that stretch close to the river. And I was worried about swinging wide into the grass...Sam could have gotten that bath she sorely needs.

Anonymous said...

The photograph of the track I have seen before, in a much earlier posting.
As I recall this is/was a private go-kart track.
All those trees, wonder if anybody in your group or anybody else have had a tree jump out and plant themselves in the path of an uncoming two or four wheeled vehicle?
May I suggest PhotoShop Elements in lieu of Photosho?

I use the new version of PS5 on the Mac and also use PS Elements, mostly as the latter is somewhat less complicated.

As to the river, is the depth
dangerous? Or simply an annoyance? If the river floods, the track gets wet, right?

Rickster said...

WOW! I feel special! Thanks for the post all about me... ok not really all about me but thanks for the pics and the day of learning!

BeemerGirl said...

WOW! Thanks for risking life and limb (of the tree and osprey :) ) for a shot of the track! That is one spectacular track and I am thoroughly upset it is across the country from me! First thoughts to pop into our heads: when we make that cross country trip we need to see about signing up for that class! -Lori

Chuck Pefley said...

Hot air ballooning is really fun, no?

BTW, why are the little "focus points" still in your image?


Dean W said...

Wow, I just realized how much that track's changed in the past few years...

irondad said...


Keep repeating. Oregon has bad roads and senseless designers. As to the aerial photo: Next door to the paved track is a motocross with a big jump. Need I say more?


I'll take a look. I'm all about less effort. Thank you.

Take care,


irondad said...


Your comment reminds me of a little story.

Once I had and instructor and his wife both in class. She missed a tight turn and went off into the grass. Her speed was low and she kept the bike upright. I saw it and came around to where she was then pulled off into the grass beside her.

Seeing she was shaken up, I flipped up my helmet and said,

"Hey, Gorgeous, come here often?"

It made her laugh and things were fine again.

For the record, we have never had anybody ride into the river. Or even down the bank.

Take care,


irondad said...


Yes, this photo was on the blog a long time ago. Probably three years. Good memory.

Nobody has nailed a tree.

I use Elements 8 right now.

The track beside the river does flood now and then. Once that side washed out and the owner had to do some rebuilding come spring.

Take care,


irondad said...


You're welcome. And Thank you!

Take care,


irondad said...

BeemerGirl Lori,

I didn't risk life and limb. Just my camera when I threw it into the air!

You'd be welcome any time! I'd even buy supper for a long distance traveler.


In all seriousness, I have been looking for those focus points but can't see what you are referring to. Send me an e-mail to intrepidcommuter@comcast.net
if you would. Love to hear more.

Take care,


irondad said...

Dean W,

This is in regards to your last comment on mounting the camera. I've been saying the same thing about electrics on the FJR. Who will get it done first?

I see we are teaching the 9/13 ART together. Cool!

Take care,


Dean W said...

Iron man Dan-

Last ART of the year, I'm seriously thinking about bringing the DRZ400SM this time. There's a trick the Supermoto racers do out there that I want to try- right about the start/finish stripe, they slam it down two gears, throw the tail out, and when the bike and track are pointing the same way, whack the throttle.

You bring a camera... I'll bring a parachute.