Sunday, November 03, 2013


Another year of the world being forced to deal with my existence has recently been marked off on the calendar.  Each year this event triggers a time of reflection upon that which has passed and that which is still to come.  The view backwards includes blessings I've experienced.  The view forward includes thoughts of worthiness.  Many of the blessings are really gifts from others.  How do I remain worthy of receiving such gifts?  Recently, the word "legacy" comes to mind in that context.  Ocean beaches are great places for contemplation.  Katie and I spent a few days there recently.  The small size of a human compared to the vastness of the ocean  helps put things back into perspective.

I apologize if you came here today looking for motorcycling instruction and didn't find it.  On the other hand, most of us are more than the sum of our riding.  In my life a motorcycle has been a vehicle for both transportation and personal growth.  A motorcycle is not "who we are".  Riding has certainly been a large part of my life.  Riding has built character that I've transferred to my life.  I've built character in my life that I've transferred to riding.  To think about riding without a thought to the deepness of the human experience is like looking at this old house. 

One could make an argument that my high contrast black and white photo is a thing of beauty.  (At least I would! )  Once you get past the exterior, though, it's empty and rotten inside from a lack of attention.

So I return to being worthy.

My life has been blessed by the love and loyalty of my beautiful companion of 36 years.  Katie has been nothing but supportive and a true friend.  She still treats me like a prince.  (whether I deserve it or not )  I try to deserve it by being worthy of her.

Katie may be a little perturbed by my putting in this photo of her in the sunset light.  We'd been out on the beach most of the day and she's windblown.  The light however, was too good to pass up.  The photo well illustrates the contemplative nature of our visit.  All I can say is that you're beautiful to me in any condition, Katie.  I see you with my heart more than my eyes these days.

Another blessing is the friends I've made in fellow riders.  Included in those are my fellow bloggers.  Having not posted in a looooong time, it was gratifying to see that folks still cared enough to comment when I finally put up a post.  I'm blessed to have friends who notice my absence. 

Who wouldn't feel the love when a guy like Bobskoot shows up at my office.  I was outside making a phone call and getting some fresh air when up pulls this loaded down BMW.  That fact that he took the time to come see me on his trip is another precious gift.

Earlier in the year I had the privilege of visiting Dom as he completed his epic sidecar trip.  These are a couple of many gifts from fellow bloggers.  Again, one has to ask themselves how they are to prove worthy. 

This idea colors my thoughts as I contemplate the view forward.  The question is where am I headed in the future?

I know one place that we're all eventually headed for.  I've spent time wondering graveyards, too.  Always in the search for perspective.

By the time we end up here it's too late to change how we've lived.  I see names on the headstones but don't really know anything about what they left behind.  I'm ok with that happening for me, as well.  My goal isn't to be remembered.  It's to leave something of value independent of my name.  As long there are others who've received something of value from my being here I'm content. Here's a scene on the beach I captured.

You can see the father crouched behind his son as they fly the kite.  By the way, it took a lot of tries to get the guys and the crazily moving kite in the same frame!

It's this photo that got me to thinking of the word "legacy".  The father is passing along a skill to his son as they share the time together.  I believe that my own legacy will be the proof of my worthiness.

That's the great news about my employment.  Passion and vocation reside together.  I've finally come to the point where I can be totally immersed in the world of motorcycles.  I'm also surrounded by people that are overflowing with heart and great character.  Wonderful gifts that, again, require worthiness.

If I had to describe my job the preferred description would be that it's to help people grow.  Helping folks to grow is a way to establish a legacy.  Unfortunately, human nature complicates the process.

Stay tuned.

Miles and smiles,



Charlie6 said...

Irondad, how could I not stop to visit with you and Katie? To meet one of the legends.....

As to worthiness, your work ensures your legacy IMHO. Teaching riders how to ride safely and well, much more worth labors than what I do for a living!

I hope more postings come around....


irondad said...


Sometimes the reality of meeting a legend deflates the legend, if you know what I mean... :)

Thank you for the kind words, though. It was me that was honored.

Teaching people to ride safely and well is gratifying. I'm also concerned with helping the instructors I manage grow, as well. My hope is to do right by them.

Take care,


bob skoot said...


I had been a reader of your blog before I started my own and never would I have imagined that I would actually get the opportunity to meet THE LEGEND. It is me that should be humbled that you would let us into your world. You have enriched the lives of all around you, whether teaching students or instructors with your knowledge and experience.

You are a person that we can look up to for advice and I am glad that you managed to take some time for yourself to contemplate . . . and relax. You've certainly earned it

Riding the Wet Coast

Richard M said...

I have also been reading your blog for a while and once I discovered it, I went back and read all the posts from the beginning. A lot of great content, and I like the photos as well. I was going to look for you a few weeks ago when passing through Corvallis but heard that you had gone to the coast for the weekend.

irondad said...


Geez, I'm blushing, already. Enrichment runs both ways. I remember a couple of years back when you were concerned about me and called my home. We had an encouraging conversation. You've made my life better, as well.

Thanks for that.

Take care,


irondad said...

Richard M,

Thanks so much for the thought. And for reading! I'm sorry to have missed you. It was cool to see you a while back on our LBCC range when you were visiting Troubadour and Trobairitz, though.

Take care,


Robert Wilson said...

I remember something that was once said to me. "What matters in the end is the hearts we touch. The lives we have made better in some small way. Let foolish men build statues and memorials. Give me time with a good and kind man any day."

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and I'm glad you're really back.
Wasn't sure if the mid-OCT post was a fluke. :)

~ Krysta in Milwaukee (with 2 e's)

irondad said...


I really like that. Thanks for sharing it.

Take care,


irondad said...

Hi, Krysta.

I thought about you the other day. I updated my Linkedin page a bit and it says "here's someone you may know". There was your photo and I was glad to say I did know you.

Thanks for still being here!

Hope life's well for you.

Take care,