Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dark Side

Hi, it's been a while, I know.  I'm having severe withdrawals from blogging.  On the other hand, I've been experiencing a fantastic ride the past few months.  I solemnly promise to share what's been going on soon.  I also miss reading everybody else's blogs.  To quote some guy with a corncob pipe, "I shall return".

In the meantime I want to ask a favor. 

I'm tasked with ruling on whether or not motorcycles with car tires mounted on them will be allowed in our classes.  I want the decision to be evidence based.  It seems a good way to make a wise decision that reflects reality.

There is no end to the arguments on the forums.  The problem is that everything has a nebulous base.  On the one end are people who have put car tires on their bikes and point to the fact that they haven't crashed, yet.  It's a good start but it's not definitive proof of the safety of the practice.  I know a lot of riders who haven't crashed yet, either, but I know they're not safe riders.  They just haven't been really tested so far. 

On the other end are people who claim that if bikes were supposed to have car tires then they'd have steering wheels, too. 

What I seek are published studies.  Does anybody know of any actual research that's been published on the matter?

Secondly, I'm seeking information on rims.  One of the big arguments for not running a car tire on a motorcycle rim is that the beading system isn't compatible.  Are there rims that ARE compatible with car tires that will mount on a motorcycle?

Input would be most appreciated. 

Miles and smiles,