Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another pill choice.

Did you read Gary's recent post dealing with choosing a pill? In case you aren't aware of what I'm talking about, click on his link to the right. Rush Hour Ramblings will take you to a great blog dealing with all things two-wheeled.

The most recent post at the time of this writing has to do with choosing between a blue pill and a red pill. I agree that there are choices in life. Sometimes we are faced with having to pick one thing or the other. Most of us, that is. I hereby proudly thump my armor covered chest and declare myself a Warrior!!!

"Your terms are not acceptable. I do not accept your attempt to impose your will upon me". There are always alternatives. One must think out of the box. Thus I say I will not be chained or backed into a corner. Boldy reaching into my leather bag of weapons I pull out The Yellow Pill.

Behold the previously untold marvel. Point your browsers to this link:


Be aware that this is a video of 5 minutes and 53 seconds. Only those with courageous hearts and fast connection speeds should venture into this land of wonder.

Those with slower connection speeds or who wish to linger in this oasis will be welcomed here:


Enjoy. There are always alternatives, fellow Warrior.

Miles and smiles,



Steve Williams said...

That's a wild looking vehicle. At a price of 22K pounds it's out of my price range though. I'll have to stick to the Vespa pill for now.

Aaron said...

"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


Neat ride, but I agree... a lil too pricey for my taste.

gary said...

It would be a bit tough to split lanes on that expensive "pill". No thank you, sir, I will stick with my pure motorbikes.

Ride well,

Allen Madding said...

hmm, someone else watches Myth Busters, but I digress.

That looks like a helluva lota fun :) I'll patiently wait for the price to come down.

irondad said...

I'm priced out, too!

See above!

I'm not talking about replacing the two-wheeled ride. ( heaven forbid!!! ) I was thinking it was an alternate to the truck. Out of the weather and still requiring being alive.

I know the show but haven't watched it. What's the commonality?