Monday, January 29, 2007

@#$%@ cold!!!

Ok, I can see why people choose not to ride in really cold weather. I almost found myself wishing I hadn't ridden this weekend.

There's still snow on the ground in certain places in Portland. Mostly it's where the snow's been piled after clearing off parking lots. Then there's places where the freezing Gorge wind blows all the time. Suffice it to say I suffered a little. I'm told by those who know me that the reason I can ride in extreme conditions is a couple of expressions:

"No brain, no pain". "No sense, no feeling". Yeah, right, they're just in jealous awe!

Anyway, I'm busy trying to keep up. Instructor training happened this weekend. It was a lot of work but fun. There's a couple of stories I'll share later. Tuesday night ( or Wednesday morning ) I'm leaving at 2 AM to get back to Portland and catch a 6 AM flight to Seattle. From there it's on to Orlando. Thurday and Friday will be spent in corporate meetings. I get to spend most of Saturday coming home. In between I'm trying to catch up on the other blogs plus actually do my job. There's sunshine pleading with me to go take a ride. Lot's to do.

Speaking of riding in the cold ( or not ) here's a link to a video that one of my sons forwarded to me. It's about 4 minutes long. Turn on your speakers and enjoy. If it's too cold to ride here's another way to entertain yourself!

Miles and smiles,


Allen Madding said...

I think I'll stick to riding in the cold :)

Combatscoot said...

I'll second that.

Steve Williams said...

I think I'll take the cold over dancing too. Your sons forwarded this to you.... this is you dancing isn't it Dan? *grin*

irondad said...

I'm with all of you. Although I found the video amusing. And no, Steve, it wasn't me!