Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Off to Orlando!

It's 1 AM. I've got a two hour drive to get to the airport and take an early flight to Florida. It's for work, seriously. If all goes according to plan Saturday night should see my arrival home. In the meantime, I seriously doubt I'll be able to post anything here. There's a lot coming next week, though!

See you then.

Miles and smiles,


gary said...

Stay an extra day and rent a scooter! Oops... too late.

Ride well,

Aaron said...

Lemme guess... you strap your carry-on to the back seat and ride to the airport leaving your motorcycle in airport parking until your return? ;)

Combatscoot said...

Too bad you won't be close to Tallahassee, I would invite you over for dinner.

Steve Williams said...

I'm beginning to have the shakes because of the lack of posts Dan.

Hope you have a great time in Orlando!