Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby arrives then has to go back!

Here's the boy with his new ride yesterday. This morning the bike took a ride in the back of the pickup you see behind it.

Things are getting off to a rocky start. You may have noticed that there's no front fender. It suffered some sort of shipping damage and is being repaired or replaced.

Clinton took the bike out for its maiden voyage. He decided to come by to show off the bike. The last couple of blocks were accomplished by foot power instead of horse power. Clinton said the bike back-fired and quit running. I gave it a quick going over but couldn't really do a proper diagnosis. The battery was stone dead. It looked new but one cell had very little electrolyte in it. A trickle charger applied its electrical massage over night. This morning the battery was re-installed. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Nothing doing. It sounds either like the starter teeth aren't quite engaged correctly or the thing's jumped timing. Whatever it is, the sound it makes is a pretty sick one. I thumbed the starter very briefly twice and stepped away. Time for the bike to become cargo once more.

We were assured by the shop that it would be fixed up under warranty. They're plenty willing but I'm slightly worried about their abilities. I guess time will tell.

The kid's still smiling, at least. With any luck this is just a bump in the road. I'll keep you posted. I'm curious to see what's going to happen myself!

Miles and smiles,



Steve Williams said...

He's smiling because of the shirt not the bike!

Hope he gets everything squared away with the thing and has it on the road soon. Just reading about the out of the box troubles reminded me of how much I hate it when things don't work. Thankfully the Vespa has run fine but I have DVD players, computers, air conditioners, range and more that is just one big pain in my backside.

Oh, a a lawn mower too....

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Allen Madding said...

Shoot. This isn't an offshoot from BSA or Triumph is it?