Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm back!!

I took a few days and disappeared with Katie. We needed to decompress after all that's happened recently. Rented a hotel room on the beach with a Jacuzzi type hot tub in it. Top floor with a wonderful view. Walking along the beach at night holding her hand. Nothing to worry about but enjoying each other. Life's in order again!

Look for the posts to start up again Monday. Thanks for hanging with me. Have a great weekend!

Miles and smiles,



David said...

There's nothing better for a romance (old or new) than a getaway. Glad you two enjoyed it. My wife and I spent a wonderful week on the Oregon coast a few years back, Newport up to Astoria. She fell in love with Tillamook and wants to move there. Maybe I can make that happen.

Dave T.

Tinker said...

Glad you know what's important. Sounds like fun...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday weekend! Glad to hear it.

I volunteered to work...BUT it's hardly work when you can walk to the end of the building and watch the fireworks! Port headquarters (Pier 69) has a great observation deck.
Just got a new VFR Interceptor. Overdue, but worth the wait! Fell in love with the pearl white paint, and to top it off it has ABS. I think I've just been welcomed to the 21st century!

Enjoy the summer,


irondad said...

From Spokane to Tillamook? That will be quite the culture and climate change! You may find it refreshing.

Not only is it important, it's the really good stuff.

Congrats on the VFR! Please let me know from time to time how you and it are getting along.