Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Humorous musings!

As we shake out from under the long weekend I thought a little humor would help. I actually had a weekend with very little work involved. It almost made me fall into a stupor! Smiling counts as exercise so here's some things that were passed on to me by some friends.

Okay, I realize there's nothing funny about this picture. It's a necessary pain to set up the next bit. More of the folks coming through our classes are citing rapidly rising fuel prices for exploring motorcycles. The pain at the pump is a lot less filling up a bike than a truck. I was shocked a week and a half ago when I filled up the training program's diesel truck and it cost $106.00 for twenty three and a half gallons. And I was moaning when it cost me a little over twenty bucks to fill Sophie!

This is another great reason to ride instead of drive. Cagers are starting to look a little less smug as they glance at the motorcycle riders among them.

Even at that, though, riders are starting to feel the financial pinch despite it being less than if they drove. People new to riding, having just come from driving, are starting to think about how things were when using a car. Memories of carpooling are still fresh in their minds. Is there a way to do something similar but using motorcycles, instead? Somebody must think so. Here's a picture sent along by a fellow instructor.

Welcome to bikepooling! Everyone just pitches in a little every week for fuel. Split among 9 or 10 riders ( or passengers ) the cost is pretty minimal. As a further benefit, the owner also makes himself available for those nice dates when a fellow gets in the mood to treat his girl to a special ride. Or vice versa. Who needs stretch limos when you have an Anaconda?

Speaking of wild things, who of us hasn't heard George Thorogood and the Destroyers' "Born to be Wild" and thought, right, that's me! Go ahead, you can admit it to us, we're friends. I'm a baby boomer. Like all the rest of them, time is taking its toll on me. All in all, though, I'm doing ok. Still riding. Not on any prescription medications. Don't need any "helpful" pills except for vitamins. I can still see my belt buckle and can tie my own shoes. You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask Clinton, the owner of the newly acquired VFR! I still have a lot of life let in me. Okay, Clinton, I need you to step in here! Hope you're still reading, buddy.

I have a dear friend who used to work for me. We still keep in touch. Jim sent me this link. Said he couldn't resist. He better not be poking fun at me. I'm a little younger and in better shape!

This is a short animation. The message is set to music. Lyrics are to the same tune as "Born to be Wild". See, it does eventually have a motorcycle connection! Click here and prepare to laugh!

Hope this gets your week off to a good start. Look for another guest on Sharin' the Road this week, plus whatever strikes me as worthy of sharing. Speaking of guests, I thought it might be fun to have Katie do a guest interview. She's a rider, having taken training, ridden a little, and being currently endorsed. I told her the readers might enjoy finding out more about what it's like living with someone like me. She thinks it wouldn't be all that interesting. What do you all think?

Miles and smiles,



Anonymous said...

All right dad. I'll admit, despite your age you're still kicking strong and refuse to take crap from anyone, although you seem to be drawn to comfort more and more so lately but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I can't blame you though, after raising all 4 of us I'm almost surprised they havn't locked you away at the loony bin! I guess the long rides on your various bikes have kept you from going crazy. So how much are you going to pay me to keep saying nice things about you? Just kidding...ha ha!

irondad said...

Thanks for stepping up! Sort of, at least. Money? Who said anything about money? I just rode back from OSU. Who's physically closer to the VFR right now? Wait! I could never purposely hurt a bike. Seems you have me.

Earl Thomas said...
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Earl Thomas said...

I imagine that the interview would be more interesting than Katie might initially think.

I enjoy reading about a new riders experiences, it's the little things that I have taken for granted over the years that are such a big deal to new comers that often remind me of some of the reasons that I ride.

I believe that there is a wealth of information to be had from the insight of a new motorcyclist. I think that Katie should give it a shot!

Bryce said...

Still you've got cheap fuel...
Try $1.28.0/litre for regular unleaded.
or C$1.40/litre for premium.

Diesel is $C1.35/litre
and our dollar is worth more than yours!

What hurts is filling my Honda Civic
to the tank's maximum which was done this week. Granted it was quite empty, still a shock.

Two weeks prior on my previous fill, the price was C$1.09/litre.

Charlie6 said...

That video link was great! I loved the motorized carts with ape hanger bars!

Dean W said...

Compared to most places*, fuel is still cheap here. It's finally starting to cost enough to get people's attention and make them think a little. Of course, we've been here twice before, haven't we, in the 1970s and 1980s. Hopefully this time we (the royal 'we', all us hoomans been) will learn something, because I suspect we're running out of second chances. (I could go on, but it's too early in the day.)

*Oil producing countries, not so much. I saw something on the news the other day about taxi drivers in Venezuela whinging about paying $0.04/liter- call it $0.15/gallon. $2.00 to fill up a typical small car. With government sponsored, low interest new car loans, there are enough cars in Caracas itself to stretch from there to the south pole. Sort of like the little puzzle game where you only have one blank square... But the Venezuelan government says they have enough oil to last them another century, so why worry? Fill'er up!

irondad said...

We'll just have to see what she decides. Katie's never been one for the spotlight. This is my idea.

It's bad enough here, thanks. I feel for you, obviously. It's just that no amount of "somebody's got it worse" thinking makes it less painful. The Civic must be roomy. Didn't you say you were like 7 feet 3 inches tall?

I think no matter what I end up using to get around, I'll try to be both cool and competitive!

I took the picture of the service station sign yesterday. Today it's up to $4.02 which was an eleven cent raise in 1 day. I do see progress being made when I look at individuals. As to goverments, that's a whole different thing! Yikes.

Not sure I'd trade life in oil rich countries as an exchange for cheap fuel. Could we arrange somehow to have the best of both worlds?

Take care,


Bryce said...

One other note...
Have no idea if Katie is employed or is simply a traditional housewife although it would be interesting to read the thoughts and being of the other half of your wonderful loving marriage.
You've obviously raised your children (Am using Clinton as an example) with
extremely high morals and ideals.
So please, allow her to speak.

Kano said...

Thanks for the big laugh, I needed it after filling up yesterday at $4.10 a gallon. That short moto commute of mine isn't so cheap anymore. Still, looking at the positive side, we are paying half of what Europe is paying for gas and people are riding motorcycles more, using public transportation more, riding bicycles more, walking more and carpooling more, and that's gotta be a good thing!