Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have got to get me one of these!

It's been a long, tiring, weekend. Fun, though! I spent Saturday and Sunday running a workshop for instructor candidates. Four new instructors are starting their apprenticeships. Here's hoping they find the same fulfillment from teaching riders that I do. On top of the long days and effort, The Director was playing Wing Man for me. Always good for a little extra pressure, you know?

Stacy showed up with her new SV650. It's a very attractive blue color. What a nice bike these are! Look for her in a guest post next week.

Yesterday saw me up early and on the way to the track in Canby. I got to teach an Advanced Rider Training course there. I had classroom duty yesterday morning. Usually we have classroom in the morning and ride the track in the afternoon. Whoever has classroom has to be inside listening to the other instructors rip around the track. We're working, I swear!

If I had to take a turn in the classroom, yesterday was the best time to do it. There was a make-up group on the track in the morning. Which means we couldn't have played, I mean worked, on the track anyway. These riders got rained out earlier. It looked like the same thing might happen again but we were spared. There's no safe way to ride on a track when it rains. Rubber on the track, water, and rubber of the bike tires make a bad cocktail.

I'll write about the class later. We had a guy on an MP3, and I'm not talking i-pod, take the class. Stay tuned for the pictures.

Balisada was in the make-up group on her Rebel. I've got a couple of great pictures of her on the track. I'm hoping she'll grace us with a guest post soon. I'm saving the photos for then. By the way, Balisada, if you send me your e-mail address to intrepidcommuter@comcast.net I can send you the photos. One of my new instructors from the weekend was in the make-up group, as well. I'll bet he was as tired as I was, although his day yesterday was shorter than mine.

I was so tired last night I fell asleep on the couch after a late bite to eat. I'm cheating on the post today. It's kind of a "here's what's been happening" thing. As a part of my cheating because I'm exhausted ways, I'm putting a link to a video.

This is what I need for freeway traffic. Click here to see it. Catch you tomorrow!

Miles and smiles,



R.G. said...

You were just down the road from my house when you came to Canby. I really enjoy your blog with it's mix of random thoughts and instruction.

Balisada said...

When I took the first part of the class, it was cold that day, so I wasn't really all that disappointed when the second half was postponed.

So I was rather happy that the weather was quite a bit warmer for the makeup class.

I learned a lot from it, and l look forward to taking it again later.


irondad said...

I've let my eyes roam over your blog once in a while. Knew you were in Canby. Didn't know where, exactly. My buddy Al that has the Black Cherry ST1300 is part owner of Pioneer Pump up there. Thanks for the kind words for the blog!

It did get warmer, which I appreciated. It was such a long day that the early part is starting to fade! I seem to remember riding the track when you were out there. You can honestly say that you rode the track with Irondad! Yeah, I know, what an honor,huh? :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow that flying motorcycle looks like a blast! I wonder what type of licensing you would have to have to pilot it?