Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New addition to the family!

"Dad, I'm going to buy another bike. Can I keep it at your house, and will you take me up to get it?"

Those were the words I was greeted with when I answered the phone. I'm not sure what happened to the plans for the Jeep that was going to come first. Guess the bike bug has its jaws in my son clear up to its neck. Gotta love it. That's my boy!

Last night I called Clinton on my cell phone to make arrangements to meet him this morning. Of course, I just happened to be out on the bike. Katie likes Ginger Altoids. She had a meeting last night so I went for a ride. There's a huge Wal-Mart in Lebanon. Since we hadn't had any luck finding them here, I decided to go out of town. Clinton told me I'd use any excuse for a ride. What nerve! Maybe he's right. How is it that when most people would put 28 miles on their odometers I manage to nearly double that? Clinton must suffer from the same quirk as me. The last I saw him was at 9:30 AM when I took this picture.

He's grinning all over his face and he hasn't even ridden the bike, yet! How shameful. It's now 3:30 PM. Clinton's truck is here, but he's not. Hey, he's got the day off. He's also got a new-to-him awesome Honda sport-touring bike with more emphasis on sport. Who can blame him? At the same time I worry just a little. I'm trusting Clinton to have the good sense to extend the honeymoon with the bike. Nothing too serious until he and the bike have had a chance to synch up with each other.

I was kind of flattered this morning when Clinton came over to the house. He told me that he'd gone into the motorcycle shop and said,

"That's right, I'm Irondad's son!"

It probably wasn't stated exactly that way but he did tell the guys who his "Daddy" was. It's cool to have a little stature in the local motorcycling community. It's even cooler for a father to be somewhat of a hero to his sons.

Ok, I can hear you. Get to the bike, already! It's a '98 Honda VFR with 36,012 miles on the digital odometer. At least that's what it had the last time I saw it. I'm sure it will have a lot more when it finally shows up here. The original owner's had it on consignment there at the shop for a while. The bike's sort of tricked out and it's been really well maintained. The modifications have been done intelligently. A Two Brothers can, polished wheels, a double bubble windscreen, and some other small things make up a nice package. Although the yellow graphics need peeling as soon as possible. Ick! It was interesting when Clinton told me he was going to buy this particular bike.

I'd been really close to buying it myself. Knowing I'd probably be replacing Sophie this summer I nixed the idea, tempted as I was. Anyway, I'm already quite familiar with the bike. What a bonus that it ended up in the family. Clinton's already been informed that the price for storing it here will be letting me ride it once in a while.

Clinton's kissed a couple of toads with the last two bikes. I'm pretty sure he's found his Princess this time.

Miles and smiles,



Conchscooter said...

What a great time to be a young motorcyclist, and to be able to get one's mitts on a VFR... As I recall gas cost around $1.20 a gallon in 1980 which must have been as pricey then as $4:00 now... All this to avoid the Big Question of, what motorcycle's next for his Hero?

Anonymous said...

I recognize that smile. It's been smeared across the face of every cycle owner on earth as they pick up their next bike.

Ya know, life is sweet at times like that!

Congrats to your son.

Allen Madding said...

Congrats to Clinton! I'm tickled that he now has a bike he can enjoy as compared to the experience with the last two bikes. But, we really don't appreciate the really good things in life as much as we should if we haven't suffered through some of the bad stuff. The experience of the last two bikes should make the coming experience with the VFR even sweeter.

Don't give into the pressure of the younger crowd, Clinton. Wear all of your gear all of the time and ride smart. Enjoy!

Allen Madding said...

p.s. if you heat those hideous decals with a blow dryer, the glue on the backside will get gooey and they'll come off without much residue. You can clean up what's left with windex or Simple Green.

Stacy said...

Congratulations on the new bike!

Bryce said...

Ironman's Son eh?
What happened to the son of Dan Bateman, the motorcycle instructor?
I assume your (youngest?) also purchased the machine from the same dealer you utilize?

And Dan you have every reason to worry, he is your son, and regardless of your own being and how you ride; your concern for
your child(ren) is entirely justifiable.

Maybe get a photo of your Sophie beside Cinton's VFR and their respective riders might look
good as a header for one of your columns.

In the interim the shit-eating grin on Clinton is very normal; don't know if you exhibit the same grin
every time you ride, We haven't see photographic proof, yet!

As to; the cost of petrol; C$1.25/litre here at the west end
of Lake Ontario still really low priced compared to saw the cost of
four litres of 1% Milk at C$5.19!

irondad said...

No kidding! Although I do enjoy the reputation of being old and experienced, too. Don't know what's next. I've always been a Honda guy but might try something like the FJR. It will likely be a sport tourer with ABS.

I'd like to have the "just picked up a new bike" smile much more often!

I'm sure he is living the reality of your words. So far Clinton's a proponent of good gear.

Thanks! Back at you!

So far Clinton hasn't had a bike Sophie would want to be seen with! Now that the VFR is here, that will surely change. We may have to a father / son photo.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I think it's cool that Clinton has an awesome Dad he can share this stuff with. Congratulations Clinton! May the Road-mance begin. ;D