Thursday, September 22, 2011

Really need your help!!!

I really need some help out there tracking somebody down and checking on their well being. It may be a long shot but there are folks reading here from all over the world. Somebody often knows somebody who knows someone else, and so on. I'm hoping this is the case.

I don't want to reveal his personal details but here's the very short story.

The guy I'm looking for is named Mohan. I don't have a last name. Nor do I have a phone number. I simply have an e-mail address. He is probably in the Malaysia area. Some of you know him as The Snark. He kept a blog for a long time called Hunting the Snark.

He's had some heavy difficulties over the past year. He's also trying to take care of his two young sons. We have corresponded via e-mail. In my own small way I've tried to be there for him during tough times. I recently got an e-mail message that worries me. Since then there have been no replies to my return e-mails. It may be melodramatic. I certainly hope it is a false alarm. However, I have reason to believe it's legit and that he may have harmed himself, so to speak.

Somehow I hope this post spreads around the network of folks and I can get some feedback on what's going on. Please give me whatever you might have offline at

Mohan, if you're still reading here but for some other reason haven't replied to my messages I'd appreciate a note letting me know you're still hanging in. As you can see, your well being matters to me.

Thanks for the help.



Robert Wilson said...

Amazing how these little boxes get into our lives and let us connect with others all over the world. I certainly hope your friend is OK. I'll pass this on where I can.

chessie said...

I'll be sure to leave a link to this blog on my FB page. A few folk maybe reading that who could help?
Do hope all is well for your friend.

Jeyadev said...

i just spoke to him last night. i know its the right person, cos he's the one who linked me to you :)
i'll let him know that you're looking out for him, okay?

irondad said...


Thank you for responding. I did receive an e-mail ( finally ) saying he was ok and had some new things going. He promised details but so far nothing. :)

Tell him I'm still concerned and here for him.

Thanks to you, too, for reading here and for caring about our mutual friend.

Take care,