Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks, but I'll pass.

Stopped in downtown Salem to get a bite of lunch. I appreciate the fact that some city official somewhere has deeded there will be motorcycle only parking. I fail to get warm fuzzies when it looks like the only reason it's put aside for us is that it's not useable for a car. Hard to get into, hard to get out of, but no step for a real rider.

This was the daily special at a downtown "Pizza by the slice" establishment. No, thanks, I think I'll pass this one by. Although I sure wish I knew if the rear end in the corner of the photo was a customer or the supplier!

Miles and smiles,



Ted said...

I love those parking spaces in Salem! It's better than no moto spaces.

Steve Williams said...

irondad: Exactly how old are you? You're sounding like some ornery old curmudgeon. Take those spaces where you can get them and don't look any gift horses in the mouth!

I wish I could take advantage of more of those cars won't fit spaces. Especially on campus because they are everywhere. Heck, I would be willing to hoist my Vespa into a tree...

Steve Williams
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Circle Blue said...

Nice catch on the sign. I suspect they have trouble keeping their "S"

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad (Dan):

At least someone thought to legalize a bit of space for motorcycle parking! Life is a compromise and that was newver moreso than with elected officisals in municipal positions. I am amazed that anyone thought of this at all.

For years, I have been parkimg in the thatched areas of parking lots (i.e. in the corners and other places where putting a car would make it difficult for other vehicles to make a turn), or in places too tight for motorists. Toi date, I have never gotten a ticket. But I think this could change as cash-strapped municipalities go for the gold.

There is a diner on Route 41 out by Lancaster, PA, that has a moto-only parking lot right out in front. I used t go there just for that reason... I stopped because they serve food from the dumpster. (How can you ruin bacon and eggs?)

Fondest rgards,
Twisted Roads