Friday, December 08, 2006

What HTML skills?

I spent hours working on a post tonight. I had a couple of humorous stories. There were some nice pictures of my Get-Back-In-Touch Ride. Pictures are great but seem to be my curse!

I put in a photo and suddenly everything's double spacing. I've sort of figured out how to fix that. Next everything decided it needed to be blue and underlined. That had something to do with trying to put a caption on a picture. I fixed that by deleting the html for the picture and reloading it. Then all the print decided it should be large and bold. So I worked on that. Everything finally looked good and I hit the "publish" button. Guess what? It published large and bold. It looked like a typewriter threw up all over the computer screen.

So I tried to fix it again. It looked good until I hit "publish". Then it decided it was going to publish the same stupid way no matter what I told it. Things went from bad to worse and I ended up losing the entire post. I thought the button that says "Recover post" actually meant it went back to the last saved version. It should say "obliterate post".

I'm sure if my html skills were better I would know which little alien looking letters or signs make these big differences. I went out and bought a book called html 4 dummies. I have much to learn although I thought this blogger site was supposed to do most of it for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know what happened. Laugh if it makes you feel better. All I can say is that I WILL conquer this. Even if I have to put handlebars and pegs on my computer. I actually have great computer skills. It's my programming skills that need a little work.

It's a good thing my mastery of riding isn't like my mastery of html. You'd be reading:

Musings of an Incompetent Commuter!

Tomorrow's another day. I'll start fresh. Katie's going to be gone all day. She won't hear me swear at this inanimate object. It's supposed to rain. I'll stay away from the bikes. Hunkering down in front of the keyboard with my book and a bottle of Southern Comfort I will engage in the Battle of the Blog.

Frustrated but still fighting,


Ziz said...

Haha, this was really funny! Am I the only one not having problems with the new Blogger? Check out this:

Steve Williams said...

I get that at times. I create my posts in MS Word so I can archive the text and then copy and paste into Blogger. In the new beta version any time I have a space between paragraphs in Word it doubles in size in Blogger. I just place my cursor in the space and hit backspace and all is good. Everything is good then.

Next I add the picture and suddenly the last paragraph is a different size. And nothing can fix it save retyping in Blogger. So here is my fix:

I put one word at the end of the post in a separate paragraph in Word. When I add the picture in blogger only that word changes in size. I just delete it and I don't have to futz with the whole thing. Not pretty but it works.

Grasshopper, do not contend with the Blogger or wish to conquer it. Instead be like the tree and bend in the wind...

Bill Sommers said...

I must have called my wife into the room thirty times a night when I first started posting. I'm down to about 3 times now. I was asking all kinds of questions about blogging, expecting her to know when I knew she didn't. But,she figures things out for me and keeps me going.

If it wasn't for her help, the picture in words that I try to create would look like a drunk stick figure.

Combatscoot said...

I've run-into similar gremlins before... I do most of my posting on the computers at school, so for awhile there, I was blaming them.