Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tense Gum Chewer!

Somebody mentioned that they chewed a lot of gum to ease tension while riding.  I think I found some!

Miles and smiles,



Trobairitz said...

Ewwwww, but hey - it's blue.

I didn't do it.

VStar Lady said...

Sticky situation, you couldn't have planned that one better. (But isn't all bubble gum pink? Must be that breath fresh stuff!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought this was how not to plug
a tire ;)

Old F

BeemerGirl said...

+1 with Trobairitz. EEWWWW. I hate that. Especially on the bike when it then gets kicked up into the wheel well and all over the drive shaft and rim.

Dar said...

I can honestly say its not mine! I don't chew blue. I hate when I roll through gum or get it stuck to my shoe - ICK!

Dean W said...

Someone poke Dan for an update, already.

Hey, DAN- new photo on top of your blog. Where's your eye protection, dude?


irondad said...

Dean W,

Only you, my friend! This was during asset production for eRider. Probably not a great example to put on the blog but I liked the photo.

Take care,