Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Flakes & 'gators"

I rode to work in the snow. It was not falling when I left. The thermometer indicated 33 degrees. First was a light rain. Then the drops became mushy. Farther South it was more snow than rain. A few miles later it was all snow. The flakes looked like feathers. Gently swirling down to earth. They are quite beautiful. Sometimes the snow flakes are very small. I have ridden when they stream toward my visor. It is hypnotizing this way. More so at night. Today the flakes are lazy. The weather Gods have sent them to be admired. The snow blankets the ground below. As I ride the snow swirls around me.

I am very fond of snow. There is worry in the back of my mind. A large motorcycle in the snow can be trouble. I push the worry away and enjoy. It is not often we are blessed with snow. When I arrive at work the world is white. Fresh snow has such a calming effect. It seems to quiet things down. I wished I had my camera. The one day I forget it. It would have been nice to share a picture of the bike in its white blanket. My coworkers are still amazed. They have not yet come to grips with the extent of my insanity.

New snow is so pretty. It is so soon soiled. People going about their lives disturb it. Soon there is nothing but dirty slush. I was happy to see this snow spared that fate. In a very short time it all melted away. There was sunshine in the afternoon. All in all a short but pleasant experience. There is more snow predicted. Snow and temperatures in the low teens. Commuting will be interesting. I am looking forward to facing it. Once again the weather Gods and I will interact.

The picture is an actual billboard. I took this photo to post. We share the road with so many bad drivers. Tailgating is a huge problem. It is so dangerous. A tremendous risk for so little gain. The State Police have gone public. There are several of these signs out here. It was amusing to me. How many drivers will see themselves and change? I suspect most will remain oblivious. It seems to be the way with drivers these days. I am lucky to be a rider. We are so much the opposite. Life is better for it.


Mad said...

"My coworkers are still amazed. They have not yet come to grips with the extent of my insanity."

That describes my colleague's reaction everytime they see me arrive on an icy/snowy day too!

As for tailgaters, they are my pet hate. I can live with the SMIDSY's etc but the idea of getting run over by the twerp behind me if I have to brake is not a pleasant one.

irondad said...

Ok, mad, I'll bite. What are "SMIDSY"'s?


Mad said...

Ahh sorry, that's Brit biker lingo. SMIDSY is short for "Sorry mate I didn't see you", it's the refrain of every car driver as he runs up to you having just pulled out in front of you and knocked you off (and the correct biker's response is "because you didn't ******* look").