Thursday, February 02, 2006

This "blog" thing.

I just wanted to take a pause and comment on this blogging thing. I had heard that a lot of folks were doing it but never paid much attention. Then I started reading Gary's blog. ( Baron in Winter ) It is directly tied to commuting by two wheels. It moved me to start doing mine. Then I was pleased to find that some folks were actually reading my blog and offering comments. As time goes on I am finding other blogs from what I consider "my kind" i.e. two wheeled riders. I am discovering that this is a wonderful medium for sharing among us. It has been an enjoyable experience and I am hoping the journey continues. Thank you to those blogging and commenting. The sharing is enriching my life.

I do wish to ask a favor, though. On the one hand it is my blog and I do what pleases me. On the other, if this ceases to be a means of communication it will no longer be of any value. I am looking for feedback on writing style. I have been playing with a different writing style. Being an instructor and spending a good deal of time on the phone I am involved in a lot of conversation. About the only time I get to think deeply and really "feel" instead of talk is on my rides. My blog postings seemed wordy and long. There is so much I want to convey and share that each entry becomes lengthy.

So I started writing like I was "feeling" on the bike. To me it has more impact than a bunch of words. I do not need long sentences to fully feel something. In fact, words can get in the way. Isn't this what riding is about for most of us? It's not an intellectual thing. It is visceral. It's full of emotions that are brought forth by our riding. I have tried to express that in this writing style. My concern is that is has put some of you "off". Perhaps it is too "darkly poetic" for most people.

I would like this blog to serve our "community" in a positive way. The question, then, is:
"What works for you". Does the clipped writing style take you someplace good? Or does it become too "heavy" and do you prefer the normal style of writing as used in this post. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Honest feedback will not be taken as an insult. Please share?


Steve Williams said...


I find that your "dark poetic" style is engaging and one of the reasons I visit your BLOG. I feel that too often in the workplace and in social situations we don't display or let others know what we are thinking or feeling about anything. BLOGS and other reasonably "anonymous Web outlets afford a more personal unveiling. When I sit in meetings I often look around and feel everyone has a mask on. I have no idea where their mind is.

You are laying bare in many respects the internal conversation we all have. Riding is a pathway to getting better in touch with that---a sort of mobile meditation.

I say keep doing what you are doing. As readers we'll take what we need and leave the rest.


Mad said...

this blogging is a funny thing eh? I've been observing the phenomena for a while now. I've also had the opportunity to watch a blog grow and develop from close up. My Dad emmigrated to the US and his first letter back to my siblings and I was so good I suggested he blog his experiences on my site. I've watched him develop the blog, try different styles and different approaches. We managed together to explode the amount of traffic he was getting right up to the point where he was so blog weary that he laid off for a bit.
We drew a few conclusions over the last year and a half.
Write about what makes you passionate - well, you've got that down already
Develop a style that works for you - the readers will come. _ I see you're doing that
Keep it regular (my own failing) - You do that too!
Answer all comments - My dad reckons that grew his repeat audience exponentially.
And finally you're doing it for your own enjoyment so make sure you are enjoying it.

It seems to me you're already checking all those boxes. Which should mean you have a good blog and I keep coming back so it must be true!
I look forward to your posts.

Gary Charpentier said...

C'mon now, Dan.

You know you are doing alright. I suspect you are one of those people for whom most challenges are conquered quickly and easily.

Writing is not like that. There is no universally-accepted style.

Basic journalism/reportage is a generally acceptable means of communicating information, but it rarely inspires passion in anyone.

The visceral style you wish to explore takes years to develop. There are myriads of subtle nuances.

I find writing is just like riding, Dan. It's not about the destination, it's all about the journey. Enjoy your ride, and...

Ride well,

=gc= said...

... of course, you know I meant:

write well,

irondad said...

The "tribe" has spoken.

All is well.

Thank you!

Steve Williams said...


If you still feel like you are missing some writing component perhaps your readership can chip in together to send you a "Chicago Manual of Style". *grin*

You are doing great.