Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Gift for You
Today was a perfect commute day. Too many words will dilute it. I share it with you. Simply.
Winter sunshine. Many out on bikes. Police and civilians. Arm tired from cheerful waves. Benevolence. No worrys. Only pleasure. Riding home on an old highway. Watching the sun set. From the bike saddle. Golden glow bathing the world.
I give it to you. A gift. Something dear to me. Feel the well-being. Dwell on your own days such as this. Cherish the good. Enjoy. Smile. Be happy.


Mad said...

Nice lid!

irondad said...

Thanks. Although my intent was not to show off the lid. I was looking for a picture of a smile to put on the site. It struck me that I had one on the back of the helmet. I really like this helmet. It is the second one like it I have had.

Stay tuned in a day or two for a story about this helmet!

Art said...

Hey Dan,

It going to be a magnificent day here in Seattle as well. Proud to be a rider. Believe or not it one thing that gets me up each morning regardless of the weather to be on my bike. I just can't simply explain to others the joy and the freedom I get from riding. Only rider like you can relate...

Have a great day

irondad said...


Good to see you are still reading. I have not heard from you in a while. Kinda of missed you! Watch for the next post. A little more about why I ride. Hope others see themselves in it.


Mad said...

I love Arai RX7's and Shoei Raid's but sadly I haven't scrapped the dough togther for one... yet :D