Monday, February 27, 2006


I may or may or not post tonight. I rode down in a downpour so hard that everything was totally soaked. I had pulled out an older Courtech jacket from Tourmaster. The sleeves soaked totally through so I had soaked shirt sleeves all morning. The Roadcrafter pants did their job. My gloves were so soggy I wrung them out. That all is no big deal.

I think I might be getting the flu. Riding in the cold and rain is old stuff. I never have problems because my natural body temperature is higher. Today I never got warm despite wearing my fleece. Now my cheeks feel hot and I have a tremendous headache. I am facing the same kind of ride home. Still old stuff.

Arriving home may mean a couple shots of Southern Comfort and an early retirement under Katie's electric blanket. I really wanted to take some pain killer today. I decided to save my liver for the whiskey. By the way, it SUCH a blessing to have an angel like her to go home to!!



Mad said...

Hope you feel better soon Irondad!

Steve Williams said...

Hope the morning finds you well and that the flu feelings were just a result of the wet ride.


irondad said...

Thanks for the good wishes, guys. I burned with fever all night but am alive this morning. I am staying home all day.

Went to Gary's blog to put down best wishes. Saw a comment from you that you were feeling poorly. Here's a couple of good wishes your way. :) :) :>) %>)

Gary Charpentier said...

Hey Dan,

Sounds like you have the exact same thing as Amy. Doesn't it seem that these flu bugs are getting worse all the time?

Get well soon, bro... I'm not much for prayin', (yet) but I'll make an exception in this case.

Ride well,

irondad said...

While I certainly appreciate your effort and resolve in learning something new, I most emphatically hope it will not be necesary!


The Bubaker said...

Hey, thanks :D

Mad said...

Woops used my Blogger login by mistake. Yes I am the Bubaker!

irondad said...

mad---aka "The Brubaker"?
This is monumental. Is it sort of like unmasking Batman?

tongue planted firmly in cheek.

irondad said...

ok, so I added an extra "r". My brain is fried.