Saturday, November 17, 2007

Can utilitarian go too far?

In my last post I wrote about scooter folks being more practical in a lot of ways. Utility takes precedence over flashiness. Can this be taken too far?

Here's an example of "utility" combined with a little nostalgia. Come to think of it, the VW bus was pretty utilitarian itself. Is this the best of both worlds? Have a look and decide for yourself!

Click here.

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Scott said...

I'm an old VW nut, having owned a 67, 70, 71 Bus or Camper, a 71 Type 3 (the station wagon), a 71 Super Bettle and a shell of a Karmenn Ghia so I can honestly say that is the coolest thing I've ever seen :)

Bill Sommers said...

This might be the coolest picture ever!

At one time my dad had 11 VW's in the yard. He restored some 60's era Bug's and sold them as a hobby, and in that time I went to work as a "parts boy" in a VW dealership, and drove a "bus" as a parts rig. This photo marries two of my favorite vehicles. I'm happy again!!

Have fun,

Steve Williams said...

This is exactly what I need to take my old dog for rides. I'm sure she would love time in a sidecar. I wonder if I could find a more modern version of the VW Vanagen for my modern Vespa?

I learned to drive in a 1970 VW Campmobile. When I went to take my drivers test in it the State Trooper was so impressed with me showing up in it that he figured I must knowhow to drive and I only had to prove to him that I could do a 3-point turn. For anyone who's driven a VW bus they know that's a piece of cake. So I passed and promptly drove to my cousin's house to show off my new license and put a big crease in the side of the Campmobile....


Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Unknown said...

I love the mini bus and always have. I love the scooter, but together? I'm thinking, No!

irondad said...


I thought it looked pretty cool, too! Not at first, but after I looked at it a few times.


That's a lot of Bugs! We built a 4 wheel drive version to take up in the Tillamook mountains. That thing would go anywhere. There you go being happy, again!


Grandpa traded in an old bus for a Vanagen. It wasn't quite the same. Every time he tried to activate the turn signals he ended up turning on the windshield washer sprayer. That unique engine sound also seemed to have gone away.

Your experience reminds me of Nicky Hayden in earlier times. I seem to remember he won a race at Daytona and then crashed while showing off during the cool off lap. Does anyone else remember that or am I hallucinating?


I think it takes a little getting used to. The thing sort of grew on me.

Take care,


Heinz N Frenchie said...

That photo is such a laugh! Great Find.

Darren said...

That scooter/VW sidecar combo was on the cover of Scootering magazine a while ago. If I recall correctly - a big if - they guy built it so his young sons could ride with him - one a pillion and one in the sidecar.