Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday afternoon bike photo.

This is a special edition addition to the post. I'm not sure what he's referring to, but here is an excerpt from a comment by Bobskoot on the last scanning post.

"Just like clockwork, another Friday afternoon post without a bike in sight, just like Conch and his kennel. That's my new term for Cage and I rather like it."

There are two things I'm not sure about. Is he putting me down? Secondly, why should I care? ( to my Canadian friend, please rest assured this question and post are laid out with loving humor, a lot of respect for you, and tongue planted firmly in cheek! )

However, just to show that I can be gracious to a resident of the country that defeated the U.S. in Olympic hockey, I will humor him. Perhaps he thinks that the absence of a photo also means no riding happened today. Who knows? Bottom line: Out of honor and respect, Bobskoot, I present you with a photo from this afternoon. Trying to get some errands done between rain showers.

I quickly ran the photo through some post processing. Due to the rush I made a small mistake. Actually, an editing option got away from me and I didn't know how to bring it back gracefully. Something got included in an edit that shouldn't have been. I'm sure Bobskoot or Chuck will quickly pick up on it. Maybe even provide some useful feedback.

Hope you enjoyed the present, Bobskoot!

Whoa! How did that photo get in here?

Miles and smiles,



Unknown said...

Mr Irondad:

Wow, a special post just for moi ? No, I wasn't putting you down in any way, and my sentence was sort of a run on which blended two unrelated thoughts together.

It's just that I look forward to your posts which are usually published on Friday, sort of your routine.

Photoshop is not my forte, I only use it for the most simplistic tasks, actually I should take some lessons from you.

I am flattered that you would take the time to dedicate a post for me

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad (Dan):

Can I ask you a question without getting you pissed off?

Why apologize for the editing?

To me, the purpose of including a picture in a story, be it for publication in magazine or even a lowly blog, is to more closely align the reader with the mood of the piece, to share a common emotion with the reader, or to illiustrate a sequence of action that cannot be easly described through text.

You may be attempting to raise the bar for yourself by increasing your level of picture-taking skill and editing ability, but I liked your work long before you became pre-occupied with the elements of picture-taking style.

Your photography has always added considerable dimension to your text, ehether the picture was technical in nature, or purely served to depict some high-point of a ride that you thought we'd like to see. And from my perspective, you accomplished this objective on a regular basis.

While it is nice to know that the shade of yellow in a banana peel is the most accurate rendition of ther color, it is far more interesting to me to show the expression on the face of the person who is stepping on it.

A rider of your miles and experience has a lot to write about: some comedic, some tragic. I like your photos best when they are tinted by the spice of life. (I never understood trail braking until you took the time to explain it.)

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Anonymous said...

Methinks the left coast occupier of Canada might be now feeling honoured by having his own topic on the Intrepid Commuter's column.
And like moi some months prior he now is one of a select few to be so placed on a higher plane.
Congratulations from the now non-riding infrequent participating member of this illustrious blog from the west end of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario

Steve Williams said...

As much as I like looking at pictures it was your words and experience that attracted me here and continues to now.

The pictures often help make things clearer faster.

Can't turn back In Photoshop? You know about history and revert right? And tell me you are using adjustment layers. That's the Photoshop equivalent of wearing a helmet!

Steve Williams

Jack Riepe said...

Dear IronDad (Dan):

Regarding the note from Steve (above)... See? I'm not the only one. The basic ingredient for a really good story is a good story.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

or just tgake pictures and sod the story. And harpooning bobskoot is a national sport in Canada. We will be the US Olympic team that takes the medal away from the Canucks.

irondad said...


I guess I didn't realize I had fallen into that routine. Now I'm going to be paranoid about it every Friday. :)

Of course I would dedicate time to you. We haven't met in person but I consider you a great friend I haven't been officially introduced to yet!


I didn't get pissed off, as you say. In fact, I sincerely and truly appreciate your words. My post photos used to be just what you described. More factual documentation than anything else.

You're right. Now that I have "discovered" actual photography, I am raising the bar for myself. Perhaps I am getting a bit carried away with the quest for excellence. Thank you for the reminder. Point noted.

Take care,


irondad said...


This blog is a great place for great people, what can I say?

Steve Williams,

Like Jack, I thank you for the reminder of my roots.

I am starting to use layers in photoshop. Wonderful things. I like your helmet illustration. You could even take it a bit further and call the layers "tear-offs"!

Where I am having trouble is in things like selecting the sky out of the photo to do some editing. Next thing I know the selection tool has included things that aren't sky. I haven't figured out how to simply move that line back up to the edge of the sky, yet.

Take care,


irondad said...


Amen on all counts. Though I may have trouble with the photo only thing. I do tend to run off at the keyboard at times.

Take care,