Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Chicago photos.

I started the post on tactical mindsets for motorcyclists. Partway through I decided to postpone it a bit. I'm way behind on reading everyone else's blogs. So I am going to post a few photos from my return trip then go read blogs. Look for the other post tomorrow or Saturday.

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is huge! We got to the airport a couple of hours early. So I wandered around with the G11. The Chicago Police Department patrols the airport. I took several photos in front of a uniformed cop so I have to presume I managed to look like a tourist and not a terrorist.

I know who Wolfgang Puck is. I have also heard that he has a frozen pizza line, now. It was interesting to see his place in the airport. I thought this was a Chicago thing. However, when I got to Sea Tac Airport in Seattle I saw another one. Although not as fancy as this one.

It was a cloudy day with frequent heavy rain storms. There's a lot of glass in the terminal hallways. I thought this abstract looked kind of cool. This is the actual lighting. No Photoshop conversion here.

This hallway was a bit more festive than the others, for some reason.

You see, there is motorcycle content in this post! This is inside a secured terminal. I'd expect this in Milwaukee ( See, I got the two e's Krysta! ). No bikes, just accessories. Wonder what some of the loud pipes would do to all that glass?

My cigar tube with wings is rolling up to the gate. One group off, one group on.

I did manage to get a few decent shots out the window with the G11. These were over the Washington Cascades.

The best photos would have been coming into Seattle proper. We were low to the ground. The Space Needle, Qwest and Safeco fields with the roofs open, and other great stuff begged to be photographed. That announcement about turning off anything with an off and on switch is annoying. I was tempted to sneak some photos anyway. Several pilots I know tell me that a digital camera would not interfere with the navigational instruments. I decided not to try it. Flight crews are getting pretty touchy about these kind of things. I was much more interested in just getting home without too much hassle than sneaking photos.

Miles and smiles,



Allen Madding said...

I learned a few years back that a retailer cannot obtain a Harley license to sell Harley soft goods without being a full fledged dealer selling bikes. Figuring out what "real" dealership a Harley softgoods store (like in the airport) is connected to usually isn't too difficult.

I am still pondering the softgood store in Nassau.

Great pics...the Alaska jet stirs a desire for a trip I have yet to make.


SonjaM said...

Nice pics, and you provided motorcycle content. I discovered a Wolfgang Puck at the Toronto Int'l Airport. Had never heard of this franchise/chain before.

With regards to using digital cameras while flying: Coming back from Toronto I had a girl next to me texting all the time, and doing this while we were in the landing process... Is texting ok these days? Because the crew didn't do anything to stop her.

Dave said...

You went to a bike shop and fashion show broke out.?!?! :0

This brings up a mental pic of a trendy 1%er strutting down the cat walk. : )

Would some one pass the brain bleach please. : )

Old F

Unknown said...


welcome back. I prefer the backroads of America in preference to large cities. I also prefer local mom & pop eateries vs chain restaurants, but sometimes you don't have a choice

Wet Coast Scootin

Mike said...

Nice pics Dan. I especially like the snow capped mountain. Is that Rainer?

Bluekat said...

I haven't been to an airport since the days when you could freely walk all the way to the boarding gate. The monochrome came out of the camera quite well. Nice soft lighting.

Nice aerial shots. My boss is a pilot and often brings in photos of the local peaks. The clouds are always interesting from above. The one with the wing gives a nice perspective and feeling of flight.

I wouldn't mess with the flight crew either! :)