Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DEATH to spammers!

It is a strange thing. I started this just to share my experience as a two-wheeled commuter. It was just for fun and to enjoy the connection with other like-minded individuals.

It seems this little site has attracted the attention of spammers. I do not condone their being here. I know only a few of you comment but there seems to more reading that do not comment. I want your visit here to be pleasurable. Feel free to comment as you are moved to. I would love to hear from you.

In order to deal with the spammers I have enabled comment moderation. All bona fide comments will come through intact. I am only doing this to delete the vultures and predators.

Take care.

Not all who wander are lost.


Mad said...

Looking at my site's statistics I reckon the ratio of readers to commenters is around 10 to 1. This will of course vary from site to site but I use it as a rough rule of thumb.

Steve Williams said...

Boy, 10 to 1 would be great. Mine is more like 50 to 1.

I haven't had any spammers yet but I think I can just delete them if I get them. Or maybe not....


irondad said...

I reckon my ratio of commenters is quite low, too, Steve.
This is the first day of moderation. I had three more spam comments that I rejected. What a pain!!
I'm going to go back and see if I can delete the ones that already got through.

gary charpentier said...

Guys, I have had a TON of spammers... 47 of them yesterday alone. Most come from an IP address in Amsterdam, looks like a clearing house for that sort of thing.

Be happy! If you have spammers, that means you have TRAFFIC. Enough people are reading your blog that it is getting noticed.

Ride well,

Styles said...

Once I had spam at You Got Style, and expressed myself discreetly in a post there called "Blue Eggs and Spam." My final comment link might make your reading it worth the trouble.

irondad said...

It's nice to be noticed but I didn't think it would be in THAT way!